airbrush flip flops Airbrush-Sneakers-CollageAir Brush T's

Airbrush Artist
Airbrush Artists for parties create unique party favors. Our artists create unique designs for any theme or interest. T-shirts, boxers, hats and more

We will supply you with fun & creative professionals to ensure an outstanding addition to your event. Specializing in Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Sweet Sixteen’s, College and Corporate Events, you could be confident with our exceptional creativity. Our Airbrush Party Favors are filled with color and radiance.  With many styles and Packages to choose from, such as T-Shirts, Sweatshirt, Soffee Shorts, Squishy Pillows, Boxers, Mouse Pads and so much more,




caricaturists for parties create unique party favors.

Caricaturists are wonderful artists that can create beautiful, customized drawings in a matter of minutes. It’s no wonder why caricaturists are a popular entertainment choice for a wide variety of events




face paint 4th face painter 2

Face Paint Extreme

Face Painters 

Face painters for parties is a great interactive experience.




Flash Tattoo

Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artists for parties create excitement and fun.



Flair Bartender


Add a little flair to your next event with these specialty bartenders who juggle and flip bottles and glasses




ping pong expert

Ping Pong Expert

Perfect additional to any party. Guests love to play against the expert. He even uses props like shoes and pans to play.



pool shark


Pool Shark

Your guest can watch, learn or compete with our very own Pool Professional! Learn Trick Shot’s Watch as he/she can run the table and/or try and beat an unbeatable Professional. This is sure to keep even the toughest Crowd playing at the billiards table.





:60 Second Novelist

An amazing and entertaining activity as this unique talent creates and types on an old fashioned type writer a story about an individual or couple in just :60 seconds





puppet show

Puppet Show

A great addition to any children’s event. A variety of characters and shows available.






steven tyler

 Speed Painter

Artist creates great pieces of art in 4 minutes or less!!!! He’s truly incredible and amazing.







featherheads 2


Feather hair extensions will be the hit at any event many colors to choose from. Simple and fast to attach!!!!!!





strolling table

Strolling Tables

These exciting Live Centerpieces create excitement at any event! Different characters and themes available







dancer pix

Dancers 2

Party Dancers

Our Dancers will have your guests up, partying and truly having the time of their lives!!! Costume changes and choreographed routines are available.





circus school


Circus Performers/Circus School

Step right up and join the circus. Customized packages to fit any size and budget.





multi 3Stilt WalkerJuggler 3

Multi-Talented Performers

All types of specialized performers for your event. Stilt walking, magic, unicyclist , balloon artist and more!!!




Living red carpet

Living Red Carpet

Add some flare to your event with this Elegant performer.


Champagne girl

Champagne Girl

This will be the talk of the event as guests are served champagne from our greeter.



Pipe Cleaner Creations

You’d never imagine what unique outrageous can be made out of Pipe Cleaners!!! Dozens of Hats, Flowers, Pencil’s, wands and much more. Our artists create and also instruct and teach the guests how to make things as well. Truly interactive.


massage 2

Massage Therapist

Our licensed therapeutic massage therapists bring chairs and everything to you. A great idea for your corporate event, office party, team building event or girl’s night party.





cigar roller

Cigar Roller

Experience the excitement of having cigar rollers at your next event! These well traveled, Dominican-trained roller(s) will hand roll approximately 20-25 cigars an hour, while entertaining your guests or customers with all aspects of the cigar making process. (Custom Bands can be imprinted). This unique party idea is great for openings, corporate parties, or events.





circus-hoop13-gall_v2 Cirque 2



Bring the circus right to your event!! We offer a variety of specialized performers—the perfect unique party entertainment for your corporate event, fundraiser or party.






carribean band

Caribbean Band

We offer a variety of specialty Caribbean-style bands for any event theme. Perfect for beach themes, summer picnics, pool parties, team building outings, or corporate celebrations.





LucyMJ impersonator

Celebrity Look-A-Likes

At CoCo Enterprises, we have hundreds to choose from, and these entertainers will make your event one to remember. Celebrity Look-a-likes are the perfect, unique entertainment for a “Stars” party, Thank-You event, opening, or corporate party.






Characters & Clowns

Everyone love a clown…(and Characters too!). Invite Santa to your holiday party, or a clown to your kid’s party. Want something different? We offer a wide variety of popular characters and performers. Call CoCo Enterprises for a complete list.




Oragami artist

Origami Artist

This unique party favor is great for any event




Kevin Magician with IvankaLED_Cyr_3


Magicians & Performers

Also available: Counselors/ Multi Talents/ Fortune Tellers

Hire the best entertainment for your next party or event! Our multi-talented performers will keep your party guests entertained for hours. Fire eating, juggling, magic, stilt walking, plate spinning are just some of their many talents.



LED Cyr Wheel Video








yo yo artist

Yo-Yo Artist

One of our best entertainers! Our world renowned yo-yo champ will dazzle your guests with a variety of tricks and skills. Besides entertaining, our yo-yo Champ can instruct guests and teach them tricks as well.










Fortune Tellers/Palm Readers

Let our Fortune Tellers/ Palm Readers amaze you by telling you more about yourself then you ever thought possible! You won’t believe their accuracy – a sure bet for unique party entertainment!

Our Fortune Tellers and Palm Readers are great for corporate events!

Fortune tellers are the perfect entertainment for almost any event. Not only are fortune tellers fun, but you’ll be amazed at what they can tell you. These real fortune tellers will really make you a believer!







Hire a Mentalist for your next party or event! He’ll amaze you and your guests telling you things about your past that will amaze you. Watch as he bends a fork with his mind right before your very eyes!!!









Hoop Wizard 2

Hoop Wizard

He will amaze your guests with his totally interactive show filled with basketball tricks.










living statue

Living Statutes/ Centerpiece

The perfect addition to any event! Interacts with guests. Great showpiece.




Human Slinky

Human Slinky

Great performance and costuming will dazzle your guests and be the talk of any event.





bubble purple

Bubble Boy

Another great performer that will amaze guests.


Grand Bubble Entrance





Living Art Living Art 4 Living Art 2Jumping_Boots_-_SaabSo ShadyDisco heads


Specialty Performers

Dozens of unique and talented performers to give your event that wow factor!











Trivia Expert

Our trivia expert entertainer asks questions on a variety of different subjects and awards prizes for correct answers.




Glass Blower

Glassblowing is a unique and special talent. Our artists create many different designs.




Candy Artist

Candy sculpturing is a specialty talent for any event. This ancient Chinese art will amaze your guests.



Party Painter 3

Party Painter

The party painter creates unique abstract artwork. He paints an actual picture live of the event.


ing the course of a party or event the artist creates one picture as the perfect gift to the hosts and a different kind of entertainment for the guests. Original aIllusionist 


We feature great illusionists that will perform unbelievable escapes! As seen on America’s got Talent.


Magic of Eric



Hilarious stage show getting ordinary people to do unordinary things!!! Check out the video: Bruce James






Wacky Wendy

Wendy is a fabulous performer who make hats from cutting paper plates. She creates unique and unusual designs.



Wire Scuplturist

Artist creates unique and unusual designs right before your eyes!

wire name artwire name

Wire name Art

Our artists create instantly at your event!


Balloon Artist

Not just animals and swords, our balloon twisters make incredible creations



glam booth

Glam Bar

Hair, Makeup, lips, eyelashes.  Feel like a model as our experts give you the perfect makeover.

Ice rink

Artificial Ice Rink

Skate indoors or outdoors all year round with our synthetic ice rink

Ice spcupture

ice bar

Ice Bar

Our artists will create a unique and custom piece for your event

Etch a sketch

Etch a Sketch Artist

This unique artist creates caricatures on mini etch a sketches!


Etch a Sketch Artist


Dream Lab

Dream Lab Robot

Thousands of LED lights, lasers and guns that shoot C02 fog. Turbo charge your dance party!


Dream Lab



Handwriting Analysis

A lot can be told by how a person writes. Get a full reading of your personality by our experts!



Right out of the movie, BIG, Zoltar predicts the future. Just ask and a card will be dispensed with your reading.


Amount Boyz

Hip Hop Dancers/Break Dancers

Add some sizzle to your event with these amazing choreographed hip hop and break dancers


Amount Boyz


Specialty Live Musicians

These entertainers can create added excitement for any event. They typically play along with the D.J. to create a special “Live” feel. Violinists, live percussionists and sax players can really add to the mood and excitement.







Amaze your guests and have them do the craziest things as our professional hypnotist memorizes your guests by putting them in a hypnotic trance.




wire name art_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Cotton Candy Artist Cotton candy flower 2 cotton-candy-flower

Cotton Candy Artist

   This amazing performer creates unique designs like flowers, hearts and more from Cotton candy right before your eyes.

Video: Cotton Candy Artist



Animal Shows

From Monkeys to Giraffes, for Movie sets to home parties, we offer a variety of animal acts.


coffee artist

Coffee Artist

You never had an expresso like this! Artist draws your likeness into and express and then serves!


Napkin sketcher 2 Napkin Sketcher

Napkin Sketcher

Unique Artist who draws your likeness on a cocktail napkin. Great conversation piece


Nail Printing nails_bk

Nail Printing

Hundreds of designs to choose from. Kiosk instantly transfers image to your nail. Make a statement!


Fashion Drawing Fashion sketch 2

Fashion Sketch Artist

Capture the real you! Have a professional sketch artist draw your likeness. Receive a printout and email.

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