Looking for a fun way to spice up a birthday or team building event? Let us help you plan a complete game show themed party that will blow your friends, family and/or co-workers away. They will love our fun variations of popular game shows. Give us a call to day to start planning your game show party.

HQ Trivia

Bring this Epic Social Trivia Craze to your next event! HQ Trivia has taken the country by storm. Now you can too! 10 or more players at a time will have the chance to answer a series of general trivia questions on Touch Screen Tablet devices, that we provide guests, programmed with our custom App. Players are eliminated if they get questions incorrect until there is a winner or winners after all the questions are answered.  Includes Trivia Host/Emcee, Custom Questions, Game show set, monitors for other guests to see the questions, custom branding and custom prize packages. Generate the buzz with your guests and clients as they gravitate to play for cash and prizes……..  



Game of Phones

4 contestants at a time come to the podiums and plug in their phones to our computer system. Questions will appear on the screen behind them and they must quickly text their answers which will then show up on the board. Questions will be based on various subjects as well as things they will need to look up on line.


Candy Crush (Small)

Candy Crush

Up to 4 contestants at a time are given 10 boxes of candy. They are asked a series of multiple choice candy and trivia questions and risk their candy by placing it on the space they think is the correct answer or answers. If they are correct, they keep their candy. If they aren’t, their candy gets crushed (dropped) into the bottom of the case.

Perfect for game show themed parties, and corporate events.

Trivia Crack 3Trivia crack Trivia Crack Todays most addicting game comes to your event. 4 players at a time answering questions about your favorite subjects! Sports, Entertainment, Science, Geograpghy and more!

amzing race

The Amazing Scavenger Hunt

We’ll customize a program to fit your event or group size, budget and skill level.

Perfect activity for team buiding! Call CoCo Enterprises Party Planning for more details and to customize your event today.


jeopardy 2 jepardy 1


Contestants pick from various categories answering related trivia questions for prizes digital scoring and lockout buttons — played on a 10-foot video screen! Category’s can be customized for any theme, event, company or person.

Perfect for company parties or events.

Money Girl

Money Machine

Who wouldn’t like the chance to grab some money? Step into our enclosed booth and try to catch as much money as you can as it blows around.

Catch the cash money machine is perfect for company parties and corporate events.

teambuilding 1teambuilding 3

Olympics A whole program is designed with teams. Events ranging from tug of war, obstacle courses and relay races. T-shirts and medal ceremonies can be a part of the package. Great for company or family picnics and team building.

Spin to Win

Spin To Win

Exciting game show where contestants “Spin the wheel”, try and solve puzzles to win fabulous prizes.

Minute to win it 2

Minute to Win It

Just like the TV show, contestants are given :60 seconds to complete challenges. Prizes for the winners!

Punch a bunch 2 Punch-A-Bunch

Punch a Bunch

Straight from the Price Is Right to your event, with a twist! Players must answer Trivia questions and winners get to “punch” through the board and select a prize.


Survival of the Fittest – Survivor Theme Party Game

This new one-of-a-kind adventure, brought to you by Coco Enterprises and Total Adventures, will test your team’s ability to communicate and collaborate. This program, with some modifications, can be played anywhere, including a hotel ballroom. Your Adventure may include: An Island exploration exercise with GPS receivers and Polaroid cameras, a weapons challenge with blowguns, crossbows, spears and bola throwing, a mini-raft building and racing challenge, and tribal chant musical performances. There are numerous challenges to choose from. Perfect for team building activities and game show parties.



Beats Game

New Game Show where players test their skills and ears! The DJ drops the beats by playing various mixes containing a few seconds from 10 different songs. Players wear Beatz ™ Headphones. All contestants receive a custom mixed CD for playing. Winner receives real Beatz Headphones.


Around the Horn

Sports game where contestants score points by answering trivia questions as well as debating subjects i.e. who is better Lebron James or Kevin Durant.

PlinkoPlinko 2

Giant Plinko

Giant 6 ft. Light up Plinko Board. Players drop pucks to the bottom to win prizes. Board can be branded and customized.


Friendly Feud

Friendly Feud

All the Fun and Excitement of the actual TV Show. Questions can be customized.

Game Showmania 2 Game Showmania questions


The only game of its kind where 12 contestants can play at a time! Choose from many different games such as Jeopardy, Hollywood squares, Millionaire, Feud and more! Screen keeps running leader board. Lounge type atmosphere Game Shows Queens NY Brooklyn NY Staten Island NY Bronx NY New York NY Long Island NY Suffolk County NY Nassau County NY