Arcade Game Rentals in NYC, NY

Giant Light Brite 2 and other arcade game rentals in NYC, NY Party with arcade game rentals in NYC, NY

Giant Light Bright

Just like the original, but 10 feet wide by 7 feet tall! Custom designs available.Over 2500 pegs. Guaranteed wow factor!


Giant Etch a sketch

Guests create cool designs with oversized tablet. Print email the masterpieces.




Time stoppers 7 timestoppers 2

Time Stoppers/360 pics

Unique camera process that captures your images and produces a 360 degree video (as seen in the Matrix films).

Check out the video: Timestoppers


NYC Virtual Reality Game RentalGroup Virtual Reality Experience | NYC Event Rentals by CoCo EventsVirtual Reality System Rentals

Virtual Reality System Rental – Vive

Mind Blowing Virtual Reality with Total 360 degree full immersion.

Engage, Paint, Race, Explore. You have to experience it to believe…….Really!   VR Vive/




Virtual Reality Hang Glider Experience Rental

Virtual Hang Glider Rental

Strap in for a wild ride! Put on the Goggles for a true 360 degree experience as you hang suspended in air.


NIKE Hyper Fit Challenge

Special App measures and videos your Vertical Jump. Results are emailed.



Mini Drone Racing

Self-contained 10×20 arena where guests fly mini drones. Very cool and fun.



9D Cinema PODS

Break the limits of the Virtual and real world! Multi Degree Motion simulator comes takes riders on an amazing experience. 9 different special effects from Stereoscopic headsets and audio; back, leg and air effects and much more. Over 30 different virtual adventures.

Check out the Video: 9D Cinema


I Touch Interactive Table

I Touch Table interactive games


iTouch Table

Interactive touch screen table or projected on the floor where guests interact by moving their hands or legs. A variety of games to play.


LED Giant Battleship

Just like the Original but 25x times bigger!  Great for Team Building Events



arcade classics game rentals

200 in 1 Video Game Arcade Classic

The first of it’s kind!!! Your party or event guests choose from over 200 different arcade classic games. Ms. Pacman, Mario, Donkey Kong and hundreds more. Each player chooses from over 200 games every time they play.

Perfect entertainment/activity for company parties and events!






Giant iPhone interactive game rental

Giant I Phone

5 foot version of an I-Phone plays your favorite apps. Totally touch screen.









Dance Dance Explosion Game Rental | NYC Event Rentals by CoCo Events

DDR/Dance Dance Explosion

The latest in simulator games. Two people step up onto the dance platform and follow the steps of the dancers on the 35″ video screen. The better you follow the dance steps, the higher your score.









video fooseball game rental

Video Foosball table

Awesome custom table with 4 built in video monitors able to show any custom video content. 8 player table






Hot Wheels Car Virtual Game Rental

Hot Wheel Car Simulator

Our Hot Wheel Car Simulator us a full sized Go-Kart with 42” plasma display & full surround sound. Working steering wheel and pedals control the latest high end graphic racing games. Now available 360 virtual googles

This Hot Wheel Simulator is fantastic for teen parties, graduation events, corporate gathering and team building.






fast and furioussuperbikesArtic Thunder


Straight from the Arcade to your event!!! Alpine Skier, Jet Ski,  Artic Thunder, Car Racing,  Crusin Exotica, Fast & Furious, and more.










Cyber Spin/Virtual Motion Simulation/Orbitron

The Cyber Spin – Virtual Motion Simulation is the only 360 Degree Indoor Simulator of its kind. Players get strapped into the giant sphere and get spun in various directions. As a bonus, players can choose to wear Virtual Goggles and play fighting/ flying and driving games.

Cyber Spin is perfect for summer carnivals, corporate events and company picnics.








Virtual sim

Virtual Ski/Snow Simulator

Step on the virtual Snowboard and ski’s and control all the action on the screens







o2 bar


Oxygen Bars are the HOTTEST thing to hit the Party Event Scene in years!

Assorted aromas such as Sex on the Beach, Cloud Lime, Clarity, the Grove, Fresh, Revitalizing, Mango Madness, Applicious, Chocolate Kisses, So Vine, Vanilla Bean, Uplifting, The Beach, Sugar Cookie, Strawberry Fields, Hazelnut Coffee, Serenity, and Chillin!!!
4 people can participate at once!

This rocks for location openings, corporate events and company parties.






coaster 11 Coaster Photo

 Virtual 3D Motion Thrill Ride

This is the real deal!! Just like in an amusement park! 4 Players at a time ride in chairs on a Hydraulic motion platform which turns side to side. Players where 3D VR Goggles and experience real 3D coasters and more.

Watch a Video!

Coaster ride










 Virtual Soccer virtual-hockey 2 visual-soccer


Virtual Sports Arena

 Football, baseball, Hockey, Soccer, basketball, golf. Player actually throws the ball into the screen






golf sim

Virtual Golf Simulator

Professional Virtual Golf Course. Swing the club, hit the ball and follow the path of the ball on the 10 foot screen. Measures distance and accuracy.










Alpine Racer

Straight from the Arcade to your event!!! Alpine Skier makes you feel the action as if you were really on the slopes!

This versatile video game is perfect for teen parties, corporate events, graduation parties and carnivals.







dream glider

Dream Glider

Experience the thrill of hang gliding without leaving the ground!

Our Dream Glider combines virtual reality and hang gliding. In the harness, with wind in your face reality, the virtual pilot’s control bar inputs the virtual world to provide an adventure that has the excitement of the actual flight.

The Dream Glider is great for corporate events, large gatherings and carnivals.







laser tag 3laser tag

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is fun for kids and adults! Our Laser Tag Set-up, comes complete with a 20×20 inflatable maze, guns and gear. Players compete with laser guns inside the maze. This is real hi-tech entertainment! 8-10 people play at one time. Great for teen parties, graduations, corporate events and bachelor parties.









Fortune Teller

This high tech sorceress sits in a wooden box. Her scarf is purple and gold, her lips are red, her hands are perfect like a Palmolive commercial and they hover over a crystal ball. She knows the future! Add this mystical woman to your party today!





 Mechanical Animals perfect for any children’s event.  Kids love these furry Pets.








Your party or event guests are sure to have a good laugh with Hardrive, the five-foot fiber optic, mohawked scientific wonder that will be the hit at any party! Mr. Roboto the party robot, socializes with guests, sings, dances, plays music and has a great time.

 Robots are great at trade shows, corporate events and large gatherings.








prize crane

Prize Crane

The Prize Crane is an exciting arcade game where players control a “claw” like crane and pick up candy or stuffed animals and maneuver it into the bin to win the prize.

This very popular entertainment is a hit at children’s parties, carnivals, company picnics and fun corporate events.










Video Arcade Station

Our Video Arcade Station is a ten foot truss with four 42″ TV Monitors, with the latest video games and systems such as the Wii and xbox. Play the latest (and most entertaining!) games like Rockband and Guitar Hero. Up to 6 players can compete at a time.

Perfect for trade shows, team building and teen parties.






Video Games / Pinball / Game Tables

All the newest in arcade video and pinball games! You name it, we’ve got it. We can supply your carnival, company party or picnic, teen party or fun event of any kind!










Virtual Pinball

Awesome pinball games plays just like regular pinball but with a video screen. Live flippers. Choose from over 50 different classic games, all in 1 cabinet!






Flogos One Sheet



Flogos are a remarkably innovative eco-friendly development in advertising and special effects.

“Flogos” stands for flying logos and they float to various heights, depending on the helium and oxygen mixed into the formula.

Flogos are a 100% environmentally safe product.

They have the look of a soft, puffy cloud that is conformed into the shape you choose.

Flogos can be created in the shape of logos, symbols, and letters- or most any image – to promote products, services, or events.




Pacman arcade

Pacman Arcade

Pacman like you’ve never experienced! 4 players at a time compete to see who the last man is standing..

Pacman Arcade offer 30 different games






Video Ping pong

Multi media Ping pong table . Custom Graphics, leader board





Digital Graffiti wall Digital Graffiti Digital grafiti T-Shirt Digital grafitti Wall

Digital Graffiti

Paint digital pixels with invisible light. Pixal Paint uses a rear projection screen and custom paint programs to create life size art. Easy to use and fun for all. A customizable user interface is provided that enables the user to work with the digital paint in a wide palette of paint colors, brush shapes and size and more. Images can be loaded as a background so users can easily paint like a coloring page, or allows for custom branding with logos or themes. After the users create their art they can print a copy onsite.

Watch a Video!

Graffitii Wall





Balance Board 2 Balance Board 3

Hoover Balance Boards


Hoover Boards are the latest craze. Our instructors teach guests how to keep their balance to ensure safety.










UFC Ultimate Fighting Ring

Players enter the authentic octagon ring and fight using a customized Infrared camera and 2-60” monitors that follow your every movement. You control the fighter as every move, punch and kick is mimicked. All the fun without the contact!









Ultimate Game Lounge

Trussing with 4 outside monitors playing 3D, Kinnect, Wii and in the center an I-Floor with various interactive games. Up to 20 participants at a time !

Virtual floorVirtual Floor Soccer

Virtual Floor

State of the art interactive floor. Move your hands and feet interacting with many different games. Great for reveals with logo or pictures. Can be branded. Various games or can be all sports i.e Football, Hockey, soccer


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