HQ Trivia

Bring this Epic Social Trivia Craze to your next event! HQ Trivia has taken the country by storm. Now you can too! 10 or more players at a time will have the chance to answer a series of general trivia questions on Touch Screen Tablet devices, that we provide guests, programmed with our custom App. Players are eliminated if they get questions incorrect until there is a winner or winners after all the questions are answered.  Includes Trivia Host/Emcee, Custom Questions, Game show set, monitors for other guests to see the questions, custom branding and custom prize packages. Generate the buzz with your guests and clients as they gravitate to play for cash and prizes……..  








Timestoppers 360

Check out Video:

Timestoppers 360

Finally….360 with a single camera and an affordable price..

Up to 4 people can stand on the platform as camera rotates around creating a true 360 degree video

10×10 footprint.  Videos instantly upload to guests.  Great props, multi speed video creates a great slomo 360 effect

Platform can be branded …step and repeats, etc.


House of Mirrors Photo Booth

Step inside the booth with infinity mirrors and custom LED lighting tubes for a wild effect!




LED Hoops

– Awesome new LED Basketball Game where players use a real size ball. LED’s interact with ball movement.  


Pedal Slots

Win the race, and get in shape! Players control the cars based on how fast they pedal on their stationary bikes. Most laps wins..




Snap Chat At Macys

Snap Chat Booth

This App uses face recognition and does great special effects (filters) that guest can choose.  They can be printed and emailed.  We can also create a custom filters (Geo Tag) for the event.



Photo Booth Man

Photo Booth Man- one of a kind robot with a built in Photo Booth. Robot strolls the event enabling guests to take pics and email them. Separate print station is optional.  Check out the video:

Photobooth man



BoomerangBoomerange Logo

Boomerang Booth

Hysterical video shorts guests create about 15 seconds long that loop over and over. Emailed to guests.



App Booth

Enter the booth and choose from a dozen different apps. 6×6 booth fits multiple people. Email and post your session.




Hash Tag Printing Station/Wall

Set up a custom hash tag for your event. Guests take photos with their phones and pictures get sent and printed at our hash tag printers.



Virtual Tilt 3VR TiltVR tilt 2


Mind Blowing VR. Total 360 degree full immersion

Engage, Paint, Race, Explore. You have to experience it to believe…….Really!   VR Vive /


 Video Demo



9D Cinema Pods

Break the limits of the Virtual and real world! Multi Degree Motion simulator comes takes riders on an amazing experience. 9 different special effects from Stereoscopic headsets and audio; back, leg and air effects and much more. Over 30 different virtual adventures.

Check out the Video: 9D Cinema





Giant Etch a sketch

Giant Etch A Sketch-

Guests create cool designs with oversized tablet. Print email the masterpieces.


Circle Pong

Unique, unusual and totally cutting edge ping pong table.


Hipsta mac Hipsta 4 Hipsta 1

Hipsta Patches

Small patches in many styles. Bling out phones, sneakers, etc.  These patch are trending. Hipsta patches approximately 1”.  Each guest will be given 4-5 patches.  You can add cell phone cases, hats, draw string bags, etc. to station.


Dancing Cotton Candyman

You won’t believe your eyes! The artists spins cotton candy up to 10 feet from his machine, while moonwalking! Check out the video:






Careoke Karaoke

Check out this mock up of the trendy Carpool Karaoke.

Grab your friends along for a wild ride as you sing your favorite song. Green screen backdrop and car prop will simulate the car in motion. Receive a flash drive of your awesome performance…..



Virtual Hang glider

Strap in and go for a wild ride! Virtual goggles gives you the actual feeling of hang gliding as you actually hang in the glider suspended in air.



Video Ping Pong Table

Multi media Ping pong table . Custom Graphics, leader board



Nike eleite



Nike Sock Station

Create your own pair of customized socks, made on site with many different styles to choose from. Great Party Favor



Paintball T's 1

Paintball T's

Paintball T-Shirts

Awesome activity …….Fully controlled and contained….Great Party Favor

Check out the Video!



Dubsmash dubsmash 3


Trending now where guests can lip sync different sounds and quips to create  short and hysterical videos.  Check out the video from Jimmy Fallon. 






Cotton Candy Artist cotton-candy-flower

Cotton Candy Artist

Beautiful designs made out of cotton candy. You won’t believe your eyes as the Artist creates these unique product.

Check out the video:Cotton Candy Artist





Vogue Booth

Strike a pose in this Light tunnel Photo booth. Receive a Photo print and video (emailed). Music rocks while you pose and records during your session.   Video: Vogue Booth





selfie mirror 3 selfie mirror 2

Selfie Mirror

Step up to actual mirror which doubles as a photo booth! Strike the perfect pose and 4 pictures will be printed. Custom commands and sayings can be programmed. Check out the Video   selfie mirror




hash-tag-2Social media booth 3

Hash Tag Booth

Create a custom Hash Tag. Print and send pictures to social media.  Booth can be branded.




Dragon Pop 3Dragon Pop 4

Dragon Popcorn

Dragon Popcorn is a sweet and COOL taste sensation that smokes cold air out of your mouth when you eat it! This custom Flavored popcorn takes a bath in coooold Liquid Nitrogen before it’s served.



Edible Balloons

Try this tasty and delicious cool concept! Balloons made from sugar, filled with helium. AS much fun to make as they are to eat!




game-of-phones-2 game-of-phones

Game of Phones

4 contestants at a time come to the podiums and plug in their phones to our computer system. Questions will appear on the screen behind them and they must quickly text their answers which will then show up on the board. Questions will be based on various subjects as well as things they will need to look up on line.


Selfie Drinks

Take your pic and layer it right onto your favorite cold drink!


Swell Style Bottles

Superimpose photos and images directly onto the bottles. Very Trendy




Candy Crush (Small)

Candy Crush Game

Up to 4 contestants at a time are given 10 boxes of candy. They are asked a series of multiple choice candy and trivia questions and risk their candy by placing it on the space they think is the correct answer or answers. If they are correct, they keep their candy. If they aren’t, their candy gets crushed (dropped) into the bottom of the case.



silent dance party

Silent Dance Party

Hilarious fun as guests wear headphones and dance with music pumping loud but only they can hear it in their headphones!




Giant Light Brite 2 Light Brite

Giant Light Bright

Just like the original, but 10 feet wide by 7 feet tall! Custom designs available .Over 2500 pegs. Guaranteed wow factor!




I Touch Table

I Touch Table 1 - Copy


iTouch Table and Floor

Interactive touch screen table where guests interact by moving their hands or legs. A variety of games to play.





Pacman arcade

Pacman Arcade

Pacman like you’ve never experienced! 4 players at a time compete to see who the last man is standing. Pacman Arcade offer 30 different games





Ultimate Game Lounge

Trussing with 4 outside monitors playing 3D, Kinnect, Wii and in the center an I-Floor with various interactive games. Up to 20 participants at a time !

Virtual floorVirtual Floor Soccer

Virtual Floor

State of the art interactive floor. Move your hands and feet interacting with many different games. Great for reveals with logo or pictures. Can be branded. Various games or can be all sports i.e Football, Hockey, soccer



Super Studio 2Austin_01_EXComedian_01_EX

Super Booth Studio

Here is your big chance at :15 seconds of fame. The first interactive booth of its kind. Guests enter the booth and choose their “Virtual” photographer. The photographer has them “Strike various poses” as paparazzi style Flashbulbs go off, music plays and a fan blows, capturing the moment. Each guest receives a printout of their photo shoot. Many

 Watch the video: Super studio


Photo toon Rey Photo toon 2Photo toom AJ

Photo Toons

Have your portrait turned into a cartoon. Pick your custom body and receive a printout.



/Users/michaelq/Desktop/DreamPlay/.IMG_9051.tifPhoto Life 2Photo Life 1A



Party Planning has never been so easy!  Take Green screen to the next Level! Amazing technology. Pick your green screen back ground and have your photo taken and video with you superimposed into your background of choice.   After you receive your photo, download the custom app, show it to your photo and watch your photo come to life! These photo party favors make great gifts too.

Watch Video :

Photo Life






VR Transporter 2 - Copy VR transport

Virtual Reality/ VR Transporter

Let the VR transporter bring you to worlds you only imagined! Put on the VR googles and ride a Hot Air Balloon across the desert, Visit the Eifel Tower, ride a roller coaster. Be chased by zombies! With true 360 degree perspective, you’ll feel you are really there! You have to experience it to believe it…..




Animated gif 2Keshot 3

Animated GIF “Selfie” Booth

A hit at any event! Innovative, state of the art social media Photo Booth. Take 4 pictures, print and/or send via email and post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Photos animate when you retrieve (GIF).  Increase your event reach and brand exposure by connecting your offline event to your online marketing. Full Data retrieval  .









I Sign


I-Sign is a next generation fusion of photo booth, sign-in board and tons of fun! Think of it as on giant iPad, that takes pictures and videos of guests and let’s them scribble their message on the touch screen. Guests get to sign their names, message to hosts, draw moustaches, hearts, and all kinds of shapes – use tons of special effects and avatars… imagination is the only limit. When guests are done with their artwork, their pictures are printed. Images can be instantly emailed. Guests receive a framed copy, and hosts receive a master CD with all pictures on it. Optional Photo album!





mash up mash up Booth

Mash Up Booth

Experience the feel of being a Top DJ like Calvin Harris/David Guetta. Enter the mashup booth and you’ll be guided by our expert D.J.’s to create your own mini mix of 5 hot popular club songs. Add samples and special effects to personalize. Receive your mix on a custom USB Band bracelet.








Soccer Pool

Soccer Pool

Awesome game combining pool and soccer. Pool table on floor as players try and kick pool balls (actual soccer balls) into goals.

Selfee Drinks

Take your pic and layer it right onto your favorite cold drink!



Brian Art screenBrian Art TrackingBrain Art samples


Brain Art Painting

Use your brain waves to create unique pieces of art.

Just as a traditional artist decides on a general direction for their imagery before squeezing their selected paints onto their palette to begin, you too choose your style and colors. You can pick your favorites, coordinate with a room décor in your home, or just go with how you feel on the day.


Rugged Warrior Obstacle Course

Awesome 70 foot obstacle course with 8 different obstacles and 180 degree turnaround.


speed of light

Speed Of Light

Light  A fast paced game combining hand/eye coordination skills . Similar to popular “Simon” game, Players hit their buttons as they light up. Player that is most accuratewins.   Check out the video:



connect 4 basketball

Connect 4 Basketball

Newest Basketball Game where contestants shoot baskets and try to get 4 colored balls in a row




Basketball Madness Basketball Madness customFootball Madness 2

Sports Madness

4 player games. Basketball/Football/Baseball.  Can be branded.



Sticker Bomb Sticker Bomb Mac Book sticker bomb laptop sticker final 4

Sticker Bomb

Sticker Bomb

 Customize, personalize…..Laptops, Mac Books, Phones, Game Consoles, and more……made to order                       It’s the Bomb……


Hungry Hippo

Hippo Chow Down

Just like the classic games but life sized! 4 players are attached to bungee cords and race to the middle to grab as many balls as they can and bring them back to their home base.


extreme Volleyball

Extreme Volleyball

Played like regular volleyball, but with an inflatable base. Each side in the middle has a mini trampoline built in for ultimate jumping and spiking.