Inflatable Party Rentals in New York City



Ninja Warrior 5 in 1 combo Inflatable Rental

The Ninja 5 in 1 Combo Inflatable Bounce House is a favorite rental for parties and events throughout the New York City metro area.

Ninja Deluxe 5-in-1 Combo Inflatable Bounce House

20 x 20 Colossal bounce hours with built in Slide and obstacles is perfect for company picnics, carnivals and children’s parties.




Rugged Warrior Obstacle Course

Round and round. An obstacle course that will have you running in circles, offers 8 challenging elements. Two Competitors Jump, Crawl, Climb, Squeeze, and Slide their way through the series of blockades. Over 70 feet long with a 180 degree turnaround.  Inflatable rentals have been on the rise for many years now, and this has been a fan favorite to play in, but also to watch others race through the course.





Inflatable Pirate ship Bounce House

Rent this Pirate Ship Bounce House for kids to stay busy getting exercise going up and down the slide inside!

Inflatable Pirate Ship Bounce House

Kids will delight in this combo Pirate Themed bounce slide. They will go through many times racing up the side of the ship to slide down for lots of fun in this bounce house.










Mechanical Bull Rental

Rent our Mechanical Bull for your next event or party. Don’t fear though, nobody will get hurt as they fall off onto the safety of the soft inflatable ground to break their fall. This is always a party favorite for kids, adults, and employees for corporate events.

Mechanical Bull Rental/Shark

Climb aboard and ride like a real cowboy. Adjustable speeds allow everyone to ride our Mechanical Bull from the novice to expert. Make your next carnival event or party a unique and interactive experience with the rental of an authentic mechanical bull.



inflatable soccer darts board rental

Rent out this over-sized dart inflatable dart board that you kick Velcro balls at to score points playing the dart game of your choice!


Inflatable Soccer/Golf Dart Board Game Rental

Awesome new game where players kick Velcro soccer balls or club golf balls  into giant inflatable dart board to score points. Play your favorite game of darts on this over-sized inflatable dart bard.



Surfing Machine simulator surrounded by inflatable waves for safety

Hang Ten, and practice your surfing on our surfing machine simulator. Don’t worry about falling though, as you will fall on the protection of the inflatable waves surrounding the surf board.

Surfboard Machine

Hang ten as you try to stay aboard the mechanical surfboard. Adjustable speeds make it easy for everyone – the perfect unique party, carnival or event entertainment.




Vortex Wall Climber

Great skill game as Players run around the dome trying to climb as high as they can.




Rodeo Roper

The Rider sits on the horse, when the calf comes rolling out in front (at adjustable speeds) your job is to lasso the calf as quickly as you can.











Slip and Slide Combo

The ride that never ends. Get the best of both worlds. Slide down the giant slide and continue onto the slip and slide. Great Fun!










big baller1 big baller2

Big Baller/Leaps and Bounds

Seen on TV Show Wipeout, players try to run across the Big ball challenge course. Inflatable bottom provides safety.

This unique party game is fun and entertaining for carnivals, company picnics and parties and corporate events.








pony hops 2

Pony Hops

Have a blast racing on these “Wacky” Pony Hops for youth and up to adults. A guaranteed Hit at any event.








Bungee sports challenge

Bungee Sports Challenge

2 Players are attached to Bungee cords facing opposite sides. It’s a race to the finish to see who can make it to the end of their lane the fastest and sink a basket.


Human Foosball

10 players inside the ring are attached to poles, becoming the actual foosball players. Score a goal off your opponent and win!



Hungry Hippo

Hungry Hippos

Just like the home game, but Humongous! 4 Players are attached to Bungee Cords and have to race and grab as many balls from the center and bring them back to their starting area.










Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course

The Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course is an inflatable 360 degree obstacle course offering 8 challenging elements. Two competitors jump, crawl, climb, squeeze, and slide their way through the series of blockades. (38’x29’x15′). This inflatable is a favorite as party entertainment with company picnics, as well as for carnivals and children’s parties.







rockwall hard 2

Rock Climbing Wall

Conquer our twenty foot molded rock wall. Each climber is fitted with a safety harness, which will lower them to the ground after reaching the top. The climbing wall is fun and unique sports party entertainment for company picnics, carnivals and parties—great for children and adults.








Gladiator Joust

Two people stand on giant pedestals and try to knock each other off with giant padded rods onto the inflatable mats below. The Gladiator Joust is a fun activity and great entertainment for company picnics, corporate parties and carnivals.









connect 4 basketball

Connect 4 Basketball

Players try and shoot baskets with 2 different colored balls. Opponents try and get 4 in a row.









euro Bunge euro bungee rockwall combo

Euro Bungee

Enjoy the feeling of flight with the amazing hydraulic powered Euro Bungee! Four participants at a time get strapped into harnesses then jump up and down on the trampolines. Hydraulic motors attached to the bungee cords enable the participants to jump very high and do flips. Euro Bungee is popular with children and teen parties, carnivals and company picnics.

Also Available in Bungee/Rockwall Combo.








wild one

Wild One Inflatable Roller Coaster

The Wild One Inflatable Roller Coaster is a super deluxe 30 x 60 foot slide. Has the look and feel of a real amusement park roller coaster.











One’s of today’s most popular and exciting sports comes to your event. Two teams enter the 50 foot inflatable dodgeball arena and fight to the finish!!! Our inflatable dodgeball game is great for teambuilding, and company picnics.









wreckingball 2

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is a brand new concept for kids and adults of all ages! It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s extreme! It’s the Ultimate High Energy game. (4) Players climb atop their inflated pads. One of the players grabs the “Wrecking Ball” and hurls it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of their inflated pad. As the “wrecking Ball” swings back, try and grab it! The player, who grabs it first, then hurls it at another player, trying to knock that player off. The last player standing is the champion.






rockwall inflatable


Rock Climbing Wall/Inflatable Rock Wall

Hard rock wall or inflatable. Each climber is fitted with a safety harness, which will lower them to the ground after reaching the top.








Obstacle course 3

Inflatable Obstacle Course

A 60ft long Obstacle Course where players climb under and over various obstacles and finish climbing up to a 12ft inflatable Rock Wall and sliding down the side. Our inflatable obstacle course is perfect for parties, teambuilding, team games and carnivals.

Watch us on Fox and Friends:









bouncy Boxing

Bouncy Boxing

Players compete in a giant inflatable ring with oversized boxing gloves. Our inflatable Bouncy Boxing ring and gloves game is perfect for children’s parties, company picnics, carnivals and corporate events.











Bungee Run

Players see how far they can run in this giant inflatable runway with bungee cords harnessed on, before they’re snapped back. Bungee Run is popular for children’s parties, summer carnivals and company picnics.








Star Wars Bouncewrestling bounce

Inflatable Bounce House Party Rentals

Kids love to bounce for hours, so let them with our bouncy inflatables. Guaranteed hit at any children’s party. Available in various shapes & sizes.











Giant Slide

Giant Slide

Inflatable giant slide is available 30′ or smaller, and is one of our most popular children’s party items. Provides hours of fun and excitement. Also great for summer carnivals, school events and picnics.









Orbitron 2

Gyro / Orbitron

Get strapped in and get ready for takeoff! Defy gravity as the giant rings of our Gyro Orbitron are spun around spinning the participant around and around and upside down! Fun and exciting entertainment for carnivals and parties.










Inflatable Twister

Just like the original party game but with a fun twist on an inflatable board!










wild rapidswild_rapids_water_slide_small

Wild Rapids Water Slide

The Wild Rapids Water Slide is the ultimate water slide experience. Wild Rapids is the first inner tube water slide. Hold on tight, things will get slippery!!! This is truly fun and unique children’s party or carnival entertainment.









Inflatable Movie screenmovie screen 2

Inflatable Movie Night

The Wild Rapids Water Slide is the ultimate water slide experience. Wild Rapids is the first inner tube water slide. Hold on tight, things will get slippery!!! This is truly fun and unique children’s party or carnival entertainment.











 Slip and Slide

Run, jump and slip down the 15 x 35 foot water shoot. Our Giant Water Slide is a sure hit at children’s parties, summer picnics and carnivals.











Triple Play Multi Sport Arena

Giant Inflatable with three sports in one!
Football, Basketball & Soccer.











Water Walkers 

Here is your chance to walk on water with this outrageous and fun activity. Perfectly safe as participants are inside inflated balls and then put into a 20 foot pool.

What us on Good Morning America.

GMA Water Zorbs




Portable Zip Line

Experience the thrill of sliding down an actual Zip Line. 60 feet long, it’s awesome fun!











Wave Slide

24 foot high Dual Lane Wet or Dry Slide.












Xtreme Jump


Zero Shock

Experience the thrill of a stuntman as you jump 20 feet into an inflatable airbag!












Awesome new 6 player game. Contestants stand on Pedestals. The object is to avoid the sweeping arm by jumping or ducking. Last person standing wins!

 Check out the video:



animal_kingdom Candyland inflatable

Kids Activity Centers

Awesome obstacle Course for kids . Fun around every corner. Climb, slide and many other obstacles.





Bumper cargo karts


Go Karts / Bumper Cars

Realistic, just like in the Theme Parks! The latest craze!!!



Snow Board

Snowboard/Skateboard Simulator

Hit the slopes on the Snowboard, or freestyle on the half pipe with the skateboard with this new and exciting mechanical ride.


Spider Slide

24 feet tall, awesome experience as you climb to the top then slide down.

snowzilla slide 2

Snowzilla Slide

Huge 30 foot slide. Great for winter events

velcro wallVelcro-Wall-Able-Smith

Velcro Wall

Put on the special Velcro suit, Jump and stick onto the wall. Don’t worry. We’ll peel you off!


Bubble soccer/Knock out   

Just like regular soccer but played with an inflatable bubble on you. You’re able to bump into opponents without getting hurt.  It’s hysterical.  Indoors or out. Various sized arena’s or open field determine how many players at a time. Play soccer or knockout. Last man standing wins!

Check out the Video:

Bubble Soccer


Princess Bouncersuperhero

Custom Them Bounces

Dozens of themes to choose from.



cliff jump

Cliff Jump 

Experience the excitement and action, just like a movie stunt man as you jump from 20 feet into this inflatable bed!!

Check out the video:

Cliff Jump



Extreme Trampoline

Extreme Trampoline

Over 25 ft. tall. Get strapped into the Bungee harness and Jump, flip and enjoy the ride!



extreme Volleyball

Extreme Trampoline

Played like regular volleyball, but with an inflatable base. Each side in the middle has a mini trampoline built in for ultimate jumping and spiking.



Hungry Hippo

 Hippo Chow Down

Just like the classic games but life sized! 4 players are attached to bungee cords and race to the middle to grab as many balls as they can and bring them back to their home base.


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