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If you really want to capture the fun at your next party then we highly recommend a digital or classic photo booth rental. We have several styles to choose from and your guest will love it. If a photo booth isn’t quite what you were thinking of then take a minute to browse the other amazing photo and image service we offer. Not sure what you are looking for? Give us a call and we will happily help guide you!

Snap Chat Booth


A Snap Chat photo booth rental in the NYC, NY, area

Snapchat photo booth filters

The latest Social Phenomenon Rocks your event. Tell your story, add crazy special effects using facial recognition, make a custom GEO Tag.  This booth Rocks!!!


House of Mirrors Photo Booth


Step inside the booth with infinity mirrors and custom LED lighting tubes for a wild effect!


Stage Dive Photos


Not just a Photo Op, but an adventure! Guests actually dive from a stage with a green screen back drop into an air mattress. The Green screen is digitally replaced with outrageous back grounds.



Kissing Photo Booth


Fun Photo Booth with swing and graphics on the inside and out. Social Share. Very Chic and Unique…



Strolling Photos

LED Ring Light. Photographer strolls and takes photos of guests.  Instantly email and text



Photobilities 5

Photobilities/Green Screen/ Superimposed Pictures

Over 400 backgrounds:  Magazine Covers/ Posters/ Scenes/Andy Warhol/Black & White /Billboard/Celebrities/Around the World/Jump/Color Splash/Frame it/Comic



Hash Tag Printing Station

Set up a custom hash tag for your event. Guests take photos with their phones and pictures get sent and printed at our hash tag printers.



rock and roll covers 2Rock and Roll Covers

Rock Photos

Now is your chance to star on the cover of your favorite rock band. Choose your cover, dress up and guests receive an actual album cover!


Photo Booth Man

One of a kind robot with a built in Photo Booth. Robot strolls the event enabling guests to take pics and email them. Separate print station is optional.

Check out the video:

Photobooth man




Step and repeat crew Step-and-repeat

Red Carpet / Step & Repeat

Create for your guests the feel of a real Hollywood event! We set up a backdrop, red carpet and stanchions. Our paparazzi snap away and your guests come away with a great photo. For a fun twist add a Celebrity (look-a-like) interviewer. We also can create a custom step & repeat backdrop. Photos can be emailed to guests instantly!







Photo lounge 3

Upside Down Photos

Subjects lay down facing up as the camera remotely captures several images and creates animated GIFS. The unique camera angle makes for a fun and exciting photo, especially group shots.



360 Photo Booth

Up to 4 people can stand on the platform as camera rotates around creating a true 360 degree video. Videos instantly upload to guests.  Great props, multi speed video creates a great slomo 360 effect. Platform can be branded …step and repeats, etc.   Check out Video:       Timestoppers 360



Vogue Photo Booth

Strike a pose in this Light tunnel Photo booth. Receive a Photo print and video (emailed). Music rocks while you pose and records during your session.   Video: Vogue Booth







Frame it

Frame It

An awesome photo. Guests hold an actual frame and the part that their face is in is superimposed creating this awesome effect.










Stage Dive Experience


Not just a Photo Op, but an adventure! Guests actually dive from a stage with a green screen back drop into an air mattress. The Green screen is digitally replaced with outrageous back ground




Photo toom AJ Photo toon 2 Photo toon Rey

Photo Toons

Have your portrait turned into a cartoon. Pick your custom body and receive a printout.









photo drone wedding Photo drone

Photo Drone

Remote controlled drone shoots overhead photos and videos. Add a new perspective to your event!









Comedian_01_EXAustin_01_EXSuper Studio 2

Super Studio Booth Studio

Here is your big chance at :15 seconds of fame. The first interactive booth of its kind. Guests enter the booth and choose their “Virtual” photographer. The photographer has them “Strike various poses” as paparazzi style Flashbulbs go off, music plays and a fan blows, capturing the moment. Each guest receives a printout of their photo shoot. Many different interactive experiences to choose from.

Watch Video:  Super studio








Photo wall Grafitti - CopyBus

Photowallphoto cutout 2

Photo Wall/Cutouts

We customize your photo wall for any theme. Guests will have a ball striking various poses “live” behind the wall. We take pictures of the host family and put them on the wall and leave large empty frames for the guests to pose. Each guest receives a photo and the host receives a master disc with all the pictures.




Photo Mosaics

Create an instant Giant Photo Mosaic Photo or Logo. Guests come to the photo station or take photos on their phone. Individual Stickers are printed out (or Digitally shown), continually added to a custom wall where all the stickers together and form a giant mosaic.


Photo Mosaic




selfie mirror 2 selfie mirror 3

Selfie Mirror

Selfie Mirror– Step up to actual mirror which doubles as a photo booth! Strike the perfect pose and 4 pictures will be printed. Custom commands and sayings can be programmed. Check out the Video   selfie mirror

 Photos are very popular as specialty party favors and for corporate events.







crystal 3

Crystal Images

Beautiful Necklaces and Crystal pieces with your image. Cutting Edge! Our Crystal Images are a popular tradeshow attendant gift, or party favor.









/Users/michaelq/Desktop/DreamPlay/.IMG_9051.tifPhoto Life 1APhoto Life 2



Party Planning has never been so easy!  Take Green screen to the next Level! Amazing technology. Pick your green screen back ground and have your photo and video taken with you superimposed into your background of choice.   After you receive your photo, download the custom app, point it at your picture and watch your photo come to life! These photo party favors make great gifts too.

Watch Video : Photo Life








flip_book -

Flip Book Photos

Flip Book Photos are new twist on a classic idea. Two dozen “ACTION” photos are taken of a person and are bound in a book. When you flip through the book it looks like an old time movie. This is a fun favor or gift idea for carnivals, parties or company picnics.

See a video:

Flip Books








Our photographers take photos throughout your event. Each person that has their picture taken is handed a card with a number on it, the number will coincide with their viewer at the end of the event. Viewers come in assorted colors; imprint black, silver, gold. Nice gift favor for bachelorette parties, weddings, corporate events, or graduations.











digital pix 2funny framesPhoto Back ground DHL photo prop

 Digital Photos

 Clear and vibrant prints are placed in a personalized frame. These photos are truly life-like and vivid, utilizing the latest digital technology. 4 x 6 prints are created and larger available upon request. Items available: Lucite frames, Key chains, Magnets, Snow Globes, Funny Frames, Clip frames, Compaq’s, Flashlights, Address Books, ID’s, T-Shirts, Mouse Pads, Bobble Heads, Teddy Bears, Locker Magnets, Plush, Stickers and more.

This versatile party favor idea is can be used for everything from gala corporate events to Bar Mitzvahs.






Photo booth pix Photo Booth-14-people

Photo Booth Rental - Vintage Luxury Leather | NYC Event Rentals NYC photobooth rentals from CoCo Eventsphoto booth rentals for special events in New York City

 Photo Booth Rentals

Photo booths are a sure hit for your next party or event. Just like the popular booths at carnivals and the mall, your guests receive strip photo strips as unique party favor. The Classic Photo Booth rental is popular entertainment for corporate events, weddings, teen parties, and company parties.








Old Fashioned Photos


Old Fashioned Photos

Ever wanted to get one of those carnival-style old-fashioned photos taken? Here is your chance! Dress up in costumes from the late 1800’s and receive authentic looking tint type photos, complete with antique matte frames.

Our Old Fashioned Photos are great for carnival, summer parties, corporate events and western themed parties.








Instagram Photos

The latest social media craze is a hit at any event! We will create a custom “Hash tag” for people to post photos they take from the event either at our station or on their on smart phone. Access from the custom site and even print photos at our custom print station. Super for kid’s party








slo mo booth

Slomo Booth

Hysterical and trending. A Video captures your image in slow motion. With the use of props, when you see the replay, it brings a guaranteed laugh and smile. Get an aoptional still picture and have your video emailed on put on a USB bracelet.

Check out the Video: 

slomo booth

The Slomo booth is a rockin’ way to thank your party/event guest for coming to your birthday party, teen party, dance or corporate event.










  Have a blast as guests use these instant print cameras to take pictures. 5 cameras rotate throughout the evening for guests to use and shoot their own poses. Comes with props and 500 pictures. Markers included to write phrases

Instaprint are fun event/party entertainment and party favors in one!








Panoramic Photos

Beautiful panoramic photos allows multiple people and a wide angle shot.











Big Chair Photos

It is a big world out there! Get your Big Chair photo taken at your next party or event. Hilarious photos of your guests sitting in a Giant Chair making them seem miniature. We add giant size props for your guest to hold —a very unique favor. Kids and adults both love this one! Perfect for carnivals, summer events and parties.








Brain Art in action Brain Art Pix

Brain Painting/Art

Use your brain waves to create unique pieces of art.

 Just as a traditional artist decides on a general direction for their imagery before squeezing their selected paints onto their palette to begin, you too choose your style and colors. You can pick your favorites, coordinate with a room décor in your home, or just go with how you feel on the day. Check out the video – Brain Art







strolling photograher 2

Strolling Photography

Attractive and personable, our strolling photographers interactive and take instant photos of your guests.









hash-tag-2Social media booth 3

Selfie Booth/Hash Tag Booth

A hit at any event! Innovative, state of the art social media Photo Booth. Take 4 pictures, print and/or send via email and post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Photos can animate when you retrieve. Increase your event reach and brand exposure by connecting your offline event to your online marketing.  Full Data retrieval Available with or without branded top. Custom step and repeat available. 

Video:selfie booth









I Sign


I-Sign is a next generation fusion of photo booth, sign-in board and tons of fun! Think of it as on giant iPad, that takes pictures and videos of guests and let’s them scribble their message on the touch screen. Guests get to sign their names, message to hosts, draw moustaches, hearts, and all kinds of shapes – use tons of special effects and avatars….imagination is the only limit.










Dubsmash dubsmash 3


Trending now where guests can lip sync different sounds and quips to create  short and hysterical videos.  Check out the video from Jimmy Fallon. 

Watch the video: 











Light stick 5 Light stick

LED Photos

Made famous by Picasso, guests use different sources of light to draw images and words which become part of the photograph.









Keshot 3Animated gif 2

Social Media Photo Booth

Take a Photo or Video, Print and post on Social. Booth can be branded.










mini Album 1 Mini Album_02

Mini Photo Album

Up load photos from your smartphone, storage device or take your photo at the booth and create fun and lasting memories in a mini photo album.









Clingies - 10 Designs


In the style of Fat heads TM and Color Forms, these photos stick on walls, doors, anywhere and can be peeled off and stick it again.









Mega stripMega strip Booth

Mega Strip Booth

Just like a regular booth but Prints out strips over 2 feet long!









Jump Shots Jump WWF JumpCannon copy

Jump Photos

Guests jump on a mini trampoline as photographer captures them and superimposes into various scenes.












snow globe 3Giant Snow Globe

Giant Snow Globe

Every wonder what it’s like inside that giant globe? Now is your chance to actually be inside the globe. Different winter or beach scenes can be created. Globe can be branded.










BoomerangBoomerange Logo

Boomerang Booth

A hit at any event! Innovative, state of the art social media Photo Booth. Take a :15 second video which will continuously loop and send via email and post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Increase your event reach and brand exposure by connecting your offline event to your online marketing.





Cell case cell case photo

Cell Phone Shop

Customize & protect your iPod, Cell phone, Game Device, Laptop & more! We take guests photos at party and add text & backgrounds. Guests go home with their customized vinyl skin or case to apply to the device they choose! Also have designs or photos on cases or bling out your phone!!


Sticker Bomb

Customize, personalize…..Laptops, Mac Books, Phones, Game Consoles, and more……made to order.  It’s the Bomb……



Sticker Bomb

Sticker Bomb

sticker bomb laptop sticker final 4 Sticker Bomb Mac Book Sticker Bomb

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