Basketball Madness

4 player Digital Basketball Game. Custom branded for your event.




Bumper car


Bumper Cars

Realistic, just like in the Theme Parks!



Circle Pong

Unique, unusual and totally cutting edge ping pong table.


Soccer Pool

Soccer Pool


Awesome game combining pool and soccer. Pool table on floor as players try and kick pool balls (actual soccer balls) into goals.

check out the video:  Soccer Pool


LED Hoops

Awesome new LED Basketball Game where players use a real size ball. LED’s interact with ball movement.  


Pedal Slots

Win the race, and get in shape! Players control the cars based on how fast they pedal on their stationary bikes. Most laps wins..






Slapshot Hockey

Try to score off of our LIVE GOALIE! Our live goalie comes suited up and ready to defend the goal at your hockey event, skate or hockey party. Perfect for kid’s team parties!









Sports Trivia Person

Our sports expert walks around asking various sports trivia questions awarding prizes for correct answers. Our Sports Trivia Expert is perfect easy entertainment for sports themed parties, Superbowl parties, company parties, teen nights and more.



Home Stretch/Speedway/Slam Dunk

2 Player Themed game where players try to throw their balls into the various holes to race to the finish.

Horse racing theme, Basketball and Car Racing theme.




grafitti Pool Table

Circle PoolPool Tablepool table

Pool Table

Professional style pool tables complete with all accessories. Your next party or corporate event will be a sure hit with this unique party idea!  






4 sided ping pong 2

4 Player Ping Pong

Here’s a different and unique table where 4 people can play at the same time!








Ping pong table pop-a-shot_1610_general

quarterback challengegockey

6 sided air hockey

Sports Arcade / Game Tables

Custom design your own sports arcade. Choose different games like Double Pop-a-shot, Sports Wheel, 1 hole mini-golf, Ping pong, Foosball, Air hockey, Dome hockey, Giant Twister, Par pool, Quarterback challenge, Sports video arcade station – 1 monitor, Boccer Ball, Mini Pool Table and more. Our Sports Arcade and Game Tables are perfect for carnivals, summer picnics, teen and graduation parties.







golf cage

Golf Cage

Radar measures the distance of your drive in our Golf Cage. Perfect sports entertainment for a group that loves a day out at the range. Available for parties, corporate events, PGA gatherings and company picnics.









Grand Prix racing

Grand Prix Racing

Our Grand Prix Racing game is a 20′ x 30′ oval raised track with 4 steering wheels on the outside. Great for carnivals, school events and company functions.







Hermit crab

Hermit Crab Racing

Hermit Crab Racing — It’s incredible, totally cool and outrageous. Bet a hunch on your favorite hermit crab, they’re painted in bright radical colors, the first crab out of the circle wins. Winners receive prizes and pets to take home – unique party entertainment and a party favor!








human bowling

Human Bowling

Become a human bowling ball! Climb into our giant steel ball and let us roll you down the inflatable lane towards 5′ pins. Perfect for party entertainment and team building!









Miniature Golf

Your own mini-golf course for your next party or event! With Windmills, loop the loop and various other challenging obstacle holes. Also available in Glow mini golf.







Putting Challenge

Electronic skill putting green which moves and changes angles each time player putts. Makes you feel as if you’re on the golf course. Our Putting Challenge is perfect for the company party, corporate events or backyard party!








Giant PongGiant Connect 4Giant Jenga

Giant chess

Giant Games

A variety of different fun games like Chess, Checkers, Jenga, Connect Four, Trikes and more!



Connect 4 Basketball

Wild Game with 7 hoops and regulation sized basketballs. Up to 4 players. First player to get 4 of the same color in order, wins the game.

Check out the video:

connect 4 basketball





Speed PitchBatting Cage

Sports Cages

Batting Cage/Speed Pitch/Soccer Cage and more







Theme Wheel sam-1 Theme Wheel sam-2

Sports Wheel

The wheel consists of different baseball and football teams or branded. Guests try to pick which team the wheel will stop on to win a prize. The  Wheel is popular for sports themed parties, carnivals and large events.










Combines the thrill of Foosball and Air hockey.

Check out the Video:




Foose Ball Giant foosball 2

Giant Foosball table

16 Player foosball table is the perfect activity for picnics, corporate parties and Bar Mitzvah’s



speed of light

Speed of light

A fast paced game combining hand/eye coordination skills . Similar to popular “Simon” game, Players hit their buttons as they light up. Player that is most accurate wins.

 Check out the video:





gold_fish Goldfish racing

Goldfish Racing

 Two 7-foot lanes are set up and goldfish are placed at the starting line. Guests blow into straws, which in turn move water current swiftly, propelling fish towards the finish line. Goldfish racing is unique party entertainment for all ages and great for carnivals, and company picnics. Prizes for the winners!

Check out the video:





connect 4 basketball

Connect 4 Basketball

Newest Basketball Game where contestants shoot baskets and try to get 4 colored balls in a row





shuffle bowling shuffleboard 2

Shuffle Bowling/Shuffle Board

Classic games at your event




Batting Cage

Batting Cage

Our realistic enclosed batting cage will be a sure hit at sports parties, carnivals and children’s parties! A machine pitches the ball to the batter and SWING! This is a favorite!   New!! Pro Batter – Video Screen version where pitcher actually throws ball.  







LED Ping Pong

LED Light Up Ping Pong Table

Cutting edge table is filled with Ping Pong Balls and moving lights.






Foose Ball Giant foosball 2

Deluxe Foosball Table

16 player Foosball table – Wow!!!!





Derby Dash 3

Derby Dash

6 player Horse Game. Spin the wheel and move your horse forward and back the number of spaces the wheel lands on. Be careful, the wrong spin can send you back!First one to the finish line wins.  








LED Skeeballskeeball


Authentic arcade style Skeeball game is an “old time” favorite for people of all ages. Great for carnivals, company picnics, and school events. Add some sizzle with LED’s








Join the latest tech craze as we set up a track and provide all the Segways



surgery 2Giant Operation


Just like the home game Operation, but 8′ long, players use giant tongs to carefully try to take specified body parts out of the patient board. Lights and buzzers are activated when the tongs touch the sides. Board can be branded. Our Surgery Game is perfect for team building events, children’s parties and carnivals. Prizes for the winners.









  Sports Bar Shuffleboard

Just like in an authentic Sports bar. 9 foot long, 2- 4 players at a time. Great for Corporate events Carnivals and Company Parties.  Regular & LED









King PingLED 8 player Ping Pong

King Ping/Giant LED Ping Pong

8 Player Giant Ping Pong Table.









go karts

Go Karts

Realistic, just like in the Theme Parks! The latest craze!!! We set up a 25 x 25 track.  









Giant Battleship


Classic game only 20x bigger!




archery tag archery


From the Hunger games to your event! Metal caging and sift tipped arrows assure full safety.


Hose Hockey/Soccer

10 Players each control a tube on the playing field. They try and move the ball on the board by aiming their tube blowing air at the ball and try and score a goal into their opponents goal.



Quad Air[2]

LED Quad Air Hockey

Fast Paced 4 player air-hockey. When a goal is scored the person’s goal closes until there is 1 winner remaining.  Big Wave Table is curved








Basketball Madness custom Basketball Madness Football Madness 2

Basketball/Football/Baseball Madness

4 player games with  Personalized with custom graphics.












Jet Ball

Jetball combines the excitement of foosball and air hockey. Joystick shoots compressed air to try to get balls into opponents goal











Test your skill and balance as you walk the tightrope!



dome hockey

Super Chex Hockey

A fan favorite as you try and score goals against your opponent


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Rage In Cage 1

Rage in a Cage

Custom Built Basketball Court at your event




Sports Throw

Great for the aspiring quarterback or these units can be branded for any theme or event