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Best Corporate Events In NYC

Every Corporate Event in New York City (NYC) must be filled with fun and entertaining experiences. Your Corporate event has a lot to live up to and must create a long-lasting impression among your guests. Planning and successfully pulling off a memorable event improves relationships within and outside of your business walls. Your Corporate Event can be the catalyst to create fresh ideas, boost a company’s morale and solidify relationships in a social atmosphere.

If you are planning to throw an exciting Corporate Event for your team, you must ensure that each detail is well-thought of. First, start with a unique concept that sparks interest and makes everyone feel thrilled to be part of the occasion. Second, consider a range of activities that exude a variety of entertainment that appeals to diverse individuals. Reveling these special moments in the city that never sleeps should be one of the unforgettable corporate occasion.

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NYC Corporate Events

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What Are Fun Corporate Events In NYC?

Fun corporate events in NYC should immerse everyone attending into a rhythm of energy that dismisses workload and welcomes leisure. Whether you aim to build your strength and grit as a team, acknowledge milestones, or commemorate a special cause, it always pays to stir high spirits as you plunge into a corporate event.

Here is a list of fun Corporate Events in NYC:

What Are Some Ideas For Corporate Events in NYC?

Looking for ideas for your Corporate Event in NYC. The key to great corporate event ideas is to sprinkle your theme with recreational activities that are engaging and amusing. There is no better way of bringing people together than to initiate games.

Here is a list of ideas for Corporate Events in NYC:

  • Inflatable Games
  • Casino Games
  • Mechanical Bull
  • Axe Throwing

Games are one of the best ways to move people away from their seats and keep their energy pumping for hours. And when you bring a challenge for a team to win, all the more that the fun multiplies.

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What are the Best Corporate Events Venues in NYC?

If you are trying to find the best Corporate Events Venues in NYC you first have to start with a few questions:

  • Should it be indoor or outdoor?
  • How many people will be attending?
  • What features does the venue have?
  • What food and beverages are we going to provide?
  • What will the entertainment be?

Once you have clearly figured out these details in mind, you can start scouting for that perfect event venue for your company to meaningfully enjoy. NYC offers a wide range of choices when it comes to boarding a small group or a huge crowd for different occasions.

Whether you are aiming for a lavish look, a wild theme, or a festive atmosphere, there is always a grand place waiting for you in NYC. This buzzing city is an extraordinary spot where all the lively things are heightened regardless if you opt for an indoor or outdoor corporate event. NYC can dazzle every minute of your time to make it special.

Corporate Event Indoor Venues in New York City

Here is a list of Indoor Corporate Event Venues in New York City:

  • The Glasshouse
  • NBPA Training Facility
  • Brooklyn Bowl
  • BR Guest Hospitality
  • The Garden City Hotel
  • Carlyle
  • Gotham Hall at The Sands Atlantic Beach
  • The Grove Distinctive Catering
  • Ziegfeld Ballroom
  • Union Park (also known as Union Fare)
  • Union West

Corporate Event Outdoor Venues in New York City

Here is a list of Outdoor Corporate Event Venues in New York City:

  • The Sands Atlantic Beach
  • World Yacht at Pier 81
  • Alpine Country Club

How Do You Entertain Clients at Corporate Events in NYC?

Here are the steps on how to entertain attendees at NYC Corporate Events.

First, pick a great location where all your guests can comfortably be accommodated and feel that they fit right in. Look for an atmosphere that creates a warmth so inviting that once a person makes their first step into the place, they would definitely not think about slipping out.

Consider a scenic view, a luxurious vibe, or an instagrammable spot that the members of your corporation would truly be fascinated about. Take advantage of the accessibility of event venues at the heart of NYC yet choose a location that your guests rarely pitch themselves in to shake up their curiosity and interest.

Second, organize great food. This entails a delectable meal that does not only complement your party theme but also gives a variety of food choices for every type of eater in your company. Add an element of surprise by providing personalized treats that your visitors can playfully enjoy.

Food trucks and food carts are also great options that are extremely convenient for goers who fancy picking up food and prefer to continue roving around the place. Mini bars with a line of assorted drinks would also be an interesting source of boost for those looking for high energy.

Third, make sure the music reflects your audience’s taste. Music adds life to an empty space. It sets the tone on every occasion. That is why hiring the right team to play the right beat in your venue is one of the most important aspects that you should prioritize in organizing your event.

But before you consider turning up the volume, you have to determine what type of personality your colleagues possess and what kind of atmosphere you would want to build so that everyone becomes engaged and energized in the room.

Fourth, give them creative experiences that they will not forget. A unique form of entertainment will be remarkable. Showcasing popular performers to the crowd such as a band, a dance group, an artist or even acrobats and magicians. Whatever suits your theme will surely be a great idea. Plus, tapping a witty personality to host the show can truly make everything alive.

What else makes any occasion unforgettable? Try putting up stations that offer new experiences. A photo booth with unlimited shots, a coffee artist or a sketch artist, or a mixologist can be interesting.

Who Are The Best Corporate Event Planning Company in NYC?

CoCo Events is the best Corporate Event Planning Company in NYC. Our Corporate Event Planning Company specializes in planning and executing corporate entertainment for events like picnics, team building, parties and other events. We have built our reputation providing creative corporate event planning solutions, with imaginative design and impeccable coordination between our team and yours. With almost 30 years of experience in planning, catering & managing company events, you can be confident when choosing CoCo Events for your next corporate event.

Whether you are hosting a work conference, throwing a party to help your team relax, having fun and giving your guests a unique experience during your gathering, CoCo Events can provide you everything you need to transform your imaginative concepts into a spectacular reality.

You can rely on the expertise of our trusted event planners who are known to outline the best corporate events from start to finish. Themes, venues, food, and entertainment, even the tasks of embellishing your venue and cleaning it up – all these can be well-taken care of by our creative team and staff.

Plus, we offer a great line of selections for all our services. We can guarantee you an event of a lifetime that can save you a great deal of time and effort. You ultimately can hit what you are aiming for your company and give your colleagues a prime experience on your corporate event. Feel free to call us to get a quote.

NYC Corporate Events Reviews

The most heartwarming review about CoCo Events comes from Rocky Point Schools who said:

Throughout the night the entire crew showed concern, compassion, and genuine love of children. Safety was always their #1 priority. The people of CoCo Events over extended themselves. In today’s world, so few go beyond the normal limits of their job. 

CoCo Events continues to be a trusted partner in executing weddings, concerts, family gatherings, and corporate events not only because of the spectacle they bring to any kind of occasion but also because they value their guests and give them the best shot there is. 

Working with huge companies such as Pepsi, Target, Google, Nikon, Fox Sports and plenty more proves so much about the quality of the workings of CoCo Events. Even popular celebrities have worked wtih CoCo Events, your ultimate event planner.

BizBash Event Planner’s Choice

On behalf of all at Zara, a heart felted thank you to all of you for helping us make of this year’s “Dear Corporate” event such a special and memorable day for the team. Everyone had a wonderful time, they felt infused with possitiveness throughout the course of the day, but most importantly, they experienced the result of work done with passion, love and care, where little details will always make the difference.

Coro Atencio, Communications & PR Director, INDITEX USA

Coco events had everything I wanted for my party!

5 Star Review from Jeff Blum

Nothing but awesome feedback, thank you for all your and your staff’s efforts.  Home run on every level!!!

Martel Meyer, General Manager & COO, Fresh Meadows Country Club
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