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Terms & Conditions

Coco Events has been producing successful events for over 25 years.

All Our services are guaranteed for 100% satisfaction! Coco Events is fully insured. 5 million dollars of AAA rated insurance. Safety is our number #1 goal and priority. We make sure every event is unforgettable. If anything should ever go wrong, it becomes our responsibility

We provide a contract that clearly outlines the services we’ll deliver to you, the time, date, price, deposit, etc. We then work very hard to exceed your expectations. In case of cancelation, we do what we can to help reschedule your event. If any equipment should fail or break, we will always replace with equal or greater value. You can buy with confidence since we own and operate, we always have a wide selection of equipment and services at our fingertips.


All employees on site will be wearing face masks throughout the duration of the event.



All employees will be wearing gloves while operating any equipment/machinery.



Employees will wipe down all equipment/machinery after each use.



Hand sanitation stations will be available for guests to use before and after interacting with any product.



Floor tape will be used to ensure guests are kept at an appropriate distance while interacting with any product.



Sanitation spray will be used intermittently throughout the course of the event.



Disposable eye masks will be available for guests to use while wearing virtual reality goggles.