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Discover the power of strategic event promotions and marketing with CoCo Events. As a seasoned company with an extensive portfolio of successful promotional and experiential marketing campaigns for major brands and companies in New York City, we are your ideal partner in elevating your brand recognition. Our bespoke services are designed to plan, organize, and create events that capture the imagination of your fans and followers, leaving a lasting impression of your brand.

At CoCo Events, we use experiential marketing to bring your brand closer to your customers, whether through trade shows, road shows, or other customer engagement events. Our team of experts will custom fabricate interactive products tailored to your brand, effectively engaging your audience and leaving a lasting positive image.

With our services, you won’t just be entertaining your customer base but also strategically building your brand. Trust CoCo Events to take your brand from being a name to an experience, creating an unforgettable journey for your audience and taking your brand visibility to new heights.

Custom vending machine for event promotions
Custom Vending Machine for promotional events

Build A Brand ♦ Fabricate ♦ Market ♦ Entertain ♦ Build Your Brand

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Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

Elevate your event experience with CoCo Events – the leading service in Event Fabrication and Custom Fabrication. Our bespoke solutions are meticulously designed to bring your unique visions to life, ensuring your event stands out. Our advanced fabrication facility, equipped with cutting-edge machinery and a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen, is at your disposal to create distinct aesthetics that capture the essence of your brand and captivate your audience.

Custom Fabrication

Every event holds its unique charm and requirements, and that’s where our custom fabrication services step in. We tailor our services to your specific needs, ensuring alignment with your brand image and event goals. From stage sets, backdrops, and props, to promotional materials – we can fabricate everything, promising your attendees a memorable experience.

With a focus on quality and innovation, we use only the finest materials and the latest fabrication techniques. Every element we create is of the highest quality, meeting, and often exceeding your expectations. Our team oversees every step of the fabrication process, from concept design to final installation, ensuring a smooth, seamless event execution.

Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our meticulous attention to detail, sets us apart in the realm of event services. We’re proud to have been the event company of choice for renowned corporate clients, including Vera Bradley, Morgan Stanley, American Express, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, MTV, Bloomberg, Fox, The NY Jets, Bruce Springsteen, Google, and Merrill Lynch, amongst others.

Ditch the off-the-shelf solutions and experience the allure of bespoke fabrication that mirrors your brand and vision. Let CoCo Events help you create an event that echoes in the memory of your attendees. Contact us today to discuss your custom fabrication needs. Trust us to take your event from concept to execution, planning every detail, and delivering 100% commitment every step of the way. At CoCo Events, we make your event our masterpiece.

Let us help you promote and market your brand. Use Coco Events as a think tank to get your message out!

Experiential Marketing

At CoCo Events, we believe in the transformative power of Experiential Marketing. This immersive strategy places your audience at the heart of your brand story, creating a deeper connection through first-hand engagement. With experiential marketing, your customers are not just spectators but active participants in the brand journey. The memories they create through these interactions cultivate a personal affinity towards your brand, driving organic growth and enhancing word-of-mouth promotion. Our team specializes in crafting such memorable experiences, combining creativity, strategy, and flawless execution. With CoCo Events, we don’t just showcase your brand, we create an engaging narrative where customers truly connect, enhancing your brand’s reach and impact.

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Trade Show Traffic Builders

Elevate your trade show presence with CoCo Events’ exceptional Trade Show Traffic Builders service. With a stellar industry reputation dating back to 1990, we have been consistently delivering high-quality, interactive trade show promotions that attract and engage attendees. Our customized marketing solutions, tailored to your brand’s unique requirements, have been trusted by trade show organizers, corporate marketers, exhibitors, and special event planners alike. We understand the need to stand out in a crowded trade show environment, and our expert team specializes in creating innovative, engaging activations that not only draw in the crowds but also create lasting impressions. Choose CoCo Events’ Trade Show Traffic Builders service to transform your trade show experience and maximize your brand visibility.

Road Shows

In the dynamic events landscape, Road Shows have emerged as a powerful marketing tool, offering established and burgeoning companies an innovative platform for promotion and engagement. A well-executed roadshow can significantly enhance your company’s overall event strategy, fostering a positive image among customers and employees.

At CoCo Events, we understand that planning a road show involves careful orchestration of various elements, especially considering the travel distances and the need for key personnel at each show. Our dedicated team is adept at proactive and effective planning, anticipating, and preparing for all possible scenarios to ensure the success of your roadshow.

With us by your side, adding a roadshow to your corporate calendar becomes a seamless experience, leaving no room for uncertainty. Let CoCo Events be your partner in turning your road show into an unforgettable journey, fostering connections, strengthening your brand presence, and making each stop a resounding success.