Best Party Rentals in NYC

Looking for Party Rentals in NYC? Coco Events guarantees an outstanding assortment of party rentals for all occasions.  Choose from a long list of party rental supplies to deliver and incredible event to remember. As the most reliable partner for event planning services in NYC, Coco Events has provide party rentals to exclusive clients through the years and they continue to bring top of the line party rentals to make the most entertaining event experience.

Coco Events has been trusted by famous stars such as Beyonce and Jay Z, and has proven their remarkable expertise by leading major events such as the MTV Music Awards and the Belmont Stakes. They have also taken over significant occasions from Cipriani to the Pierre Hotel.

If you are looking for a unique and incredible party experience, call to discuss your goals with their skilled and creative event planners. Coco Events caters to both personal and corporate events. They have highly trained staff who can ultimately help you all the way.

Who is the Best Party Rental Company In New York City?

Coco Events is by far the best party rental company in New York. They have a vast selection of party rental products and services. Everyday, they come up with something new. If you have a unique concept in mind, you can reach their highly experienced event planners and they can lay out the major details for you.

Isn’t that incredibly convenient? You might feel apprehensive about your concept seemingly out of touch, but with Coco Events, your visual images can be grounded to a tangible reality. Everything can be possible. Whatever you need, Coco Events can take care of it for you.

They have a complete set of event services. You can sizzle your event location with the most requested performers such as living statues, glassblowers, stilt walkers, trivia experts, fortune tellers,  and many more.

Coco Events is known for having the most accomplished performers in NYC. These performers have incredibly proven their excellence on numerous occasions for years. Coco Events only hire the best of the best which means that the quality of entertainment they offer is surely unstoppable.

NYC Party Rental Products

Party rental products bring life to a party. They are the key to transforming a simple venue to that grand majestic theme you have always wanted your guests to enjoy. You could be thinking about a glitz and glamor party, a futuristic theme, a festive vibe, an adventure-filled occasion, or anything you can imagine. You can pull them off with the right products at your NYC location.

Definitely, party rental products are a must-have in your event plan. Your menu will never be the same once you line them up in a deliberate setup using a variety of party rental items. And with an exceptional arrangement of the lights and sounds, the mood can certainly shift to a new level. Don’t forget to count on the staging and flooring that tops off the spectacle in the space.

Here is a list of NYC Party Rental Products:

  • Seating
  • Glassware
  • Tents
  • Draping
  • Staging & Flooring
  • Tables
  • Linens
  • Dinnerware
  • Balloons
  • Face painting
  • Lighting
  • Sound system PA

Whether you are aiming for an indoor or outdoor gathering, Coco Events is the one-stop shop for all your rental needs. You do not have to worry about suppliers not showing up because everything is all in one place. Coco Events ensure that all staff are highly trained and can work professionally at all costs. They are guaranteed experts in their fields.

On top of that, Coco Events can also provide you with a set of local entertainers in New York and you can hire them to crack your party with excitement and fun. Coco Events is particular about setting the standards that is why these entertainers have been intricately chosen based on several factors. They are the best of the best in NYC.

Here is a list of exciting talents you can hire in your event:

  • Magicians
  • Acrobats
  • Dancers
  • Singers
  • Actors
  • Show masters
  • Yoyo artist
  • Face painters
  • Band performers
  • Celebrity look-alikes
  • Contortionist bubble performers
  • Mixologists
  • And many more..

Now if you are looking for somebody to boost the energy in the room and direct the excitement all throughout the show, you can book any of Coco Events’ experienced DJs and emcees. They are the most in-demand personalities in NYC. They are smart, confident, and incredibly appealing to any type of audience.

How much are Party Rentals in New York City?

The average cost for Party Rentals in NYC typically can range from about $150 to $25000. And this all depends on the number of people you want to accommodate in a space as well as the popularity of your desired location.The total cost of party rentals in NYC varies since there are many factors that can add up to the total price of the event. The main contributor to the price of Party Rentals is the location.

As soon as you get to secure the cost of the location, you can now look into how you will magically transform the place. Coco Events is guaranteed to be an expert in providing the right elements that can make your venue inviting and allow your guests to actively engage without thinking about exiting early. You can call Coco Events now to get a free quote for your plans.

While it is one thing to pay for the venue, it definitely is another thing to pay for the cost of the decoration and the utilities included in the package. The lights and sounds, as well as the flooring and the staging are also additional costs to pay.

It is very important to consider your budget while determining the theme of your event. There are a lot of ways you can do to make your plan possible without going beyond your means. To achieve this, you need a professional event planner who can help you manage and make the most of what you have just to hit your target.

Coco Events is always welcome to assist you in all the schemes of your program. They have more than 400 rentals that can serve you from start to end. They can help you make your plans workable in your budget without really compromising your objective for the occasion so do not hesitate to reach them as soon as possible.

As the city that never sleeps, NYC has a lot of great party venues to choose from.

Party Rentals Near NYC

NYC Party Rentals Company Reviews

Reliable, responsible, and innovative – that is how one of the clients describes the quality of services that Coco Events offers.

Major companies can attest to this impressive profesionalizm of Coco Events.

Party Rental Company Reviews from:

  • Pepsi
  • Fox Sports
  • Google
  • Nikon
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Target
  • Mets
  • Cornell University
  • Paul McCartney
  • Billy Joel

On The Move Entertainment shared: There were sooo many things that could have gone wrong, and it didn’t. It was such a great thing to see!

Coco Events devotes to display competence in times of challenges. The expertise of their staff and their strong coordination are factors that significantly impact the outstanding outcomes they produce.

The American Cancer Society also mentioned: Your team was amazing and just so helpful from beginning to end, and really ensured our guests had a great time!

Coco Events highly values every detail of the event plan and ensures that everything runs smooth and well all throughout. The pleasant experience of the guests is also the top priority of the team that is why accommodation and amusement are always given a great importance.

NYC’s Party Equipment Rentals

NYC’s party equipment rentals are extremely popular among all event planners. Everybody knows that once these structures are put up right around the venue, it is a concrete sign that an exhilarating experience is about to begin.

Hosting a program in the city that never sleeps is oftentimes hooked with the idea that it is a party of all time. NYC is undeniably a great place where all the fun things happen, and every party goer expects something remarkable.

Some of the most attractive equipment in NYC include the mechanical bull, the inflatables, the photo booth, the gigantic games, arcade or sports, as well as the carnival setups. There is even the Casino-themed equipment and the all new virtual or digital theme.

Coco Events always has something great to offer in terms of party rental equipment. They constantly upgrade and most of the time set the trend. They make sure that they adapt with the latest technology just so their clients enjoy a unique party experience.

Robot wars, diving simulators, and virtual reality coasters are just a few of the most favorite digital equipment available. There are also uniquely designed outdoor gears such as the inflatable portable zip line, and the launch pad trampoline. There are plenty more adventures to explore only with Coco Events, the best event service provider in NYC.