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Axe Throwing NYC

Live Axe Throwing in NYC for Private Events

After 2-20 targets become an “Axpert” in no time! Join the Craze, and have a blast with your closest friends or colleagues.


Enhance Your Event with Axe Throwing – One of the Fastest Growing Trends in America

CoCo Events is always at the forefront with activities and products that make every event memorable.  Call us today to add Axe Throwing to your Event!

What is Axe Throwing?

Axe throwing competitions are become more and more well-liked in America. It’s basically like playing darts with axes. In axe throwing, the goal is to hit the target’s centre and score points to outscore your rivals. Making sure that everyone is aware of the guidelines and the throwing area is obviously a top priority for you and your guests.

How Axe Throwing works

Three concentric circles of varied sizes and colours make up this standard wooden wall target. Axes are thrown at a target, and depending on where they land, the thrower receives points. You receive five points if you hit the target, three if you do so in the circle around it, and one if you do so inside the outside circle. Above the circles on each target are a pair of green dots. Before attempting clutch, throwers must declare that clutch is their goal. Additionally, clutch attempts are limited to the final five throws in each of the three rounds. Seven points are awarded if the blade lands between the dots.

It’s a lofty ambition to achieve a perfect score of 81. Your objective when you start competing is to reach 25, then gradually work your way up to ever-higher scores and bigger ambitions.

History of Axe Throwing

While axe throwing has always been a component of woodsman and timbersports, the establishment of the Backyard Axe Throwing League in 2006 is credited with the resurgence in axe throwing leagues and clubs. [11]

Around 2001, sport axe throwing fans first gathered in rural areas in Europe. Later, they formalised their sport under the auspices of EuroThrowers.

The first professional axe throwing venues began to appear in the UK and Poland in 2016.

In Canada, the United States, Australia, Europe, and Thailand, there will be hundreds of axe throwing locations by 2020. The usual axe throwing area in North America comprises at least five lanes, as well as a seating area where spectators can sit and record their scores. Bars that serve beer and other drinks or snacks may also exist. The sessions are one to two hours long.

Axe Throwing is and great Team building Activity

Use a creative activity that is much more enjoyable than standard team building to test your coworkers. Find out who the office’s top axe thrower is by participating in a competition with your coworkers!