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24 passengers (max 8 adults) or 32 passengers


Flying Tigers Kid’s Carnival Rental

Immerse yourself in an exciting, retro adventure with the CoCo Events Flying Tigers Carnival Rental. Taking inspiration from the iconic Flying Tigers airplanes of the 1940s, this enthralling carnival ride offers an exhilarating, high-flying experience that kids will absolutely love.

Designed meticulously to recreate the vintage aesthetics of the original Flying Tigers, our child-friendly airplanes exude an air of nostalgia. Each “Flying Tiger” airplane portal can comfortably accommodate two kids, letting them revel in shared joy as they soar through the air in these beautifully crafted carnival vehicles. The airplanes are brightly colored, vibrant, and aesthetically appealing, creating a captivating spectacle that will mesmerize kids and adults alike.

Available in two different sizes, the CoCo Events Flying Tigers Carnival Rental can cater to various events. Whether it’s a small gathering or a larger festivity, we’ve got you covered. Our first rental option can accommodate up to 24 passengers at a time, making it ideal for more intimate celebrations such as birthday parties or family get-togethers. Our second rental option can hold up to 32 passengers for larger public or private events. With such high capacity, it is perfect for school fairs, community events, or corporate family days where the goal is to entertain a larger group of kids.

Safety, as always, is our priority. The Flying Tigers airplanes are constructed with high-quality materials and designed to ensure utmost safety. Children are securely fastened in their seats, allowing them to enjoy their flying adventure without any worries. Moreover, our friendly and professional staff are always on hand to oversee the rides and ensure everything runs smoothly.

CoCo Events prides itself on offering a large selection of top-notch carnival rentals for all kinds of events. We are committed to delivering memorable experiences that will add that special touch to your event and bring smiles to the faces of the children and adults alike.

Step back in time and let the spirit of adventure take flight with our Flying Tigers Carnival Rental! Call for your quote today and embark on a spectacular journey that your little guests will remember for years to come.

24 passengers (max 8 adults) or 32 passengers


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