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Spark imagination and style with Create-a-Bear! Personalize plush companions with customizable outfits. Perfect for kids of all ages. A great activity for both boys and girls. Choose from different colored, ten-inch plush bears; then dress them in one of many cute and cool outfits (i.e. motor-biker, scrubs, dresses, sweaters, pilot, and more).



Unleash Creativity: Personalized Plush Companions with Create-a-Bear Experience

The Create-a-Bear experience is a perfect activity that ignites the imagination of both boys and girls, allowing them to bring their own adorable plush companions to life. With a variety of different-colored ten-inch plush bears and an extensive wardrobe of cute and cool outfits to choose from, this DIY craft provides endless possibilities for creativity and fun.

Imagine the excitement on the faces of your little ones as they embark on a journey of imagination and self-expression. The process is simple yet magical – they get to select their very own plush bear, making a connection with their new friend from the start. With bears available in various colors, they can choose the perfect furry companion that resonates with their personality.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! The Create-a-Bear experience allows children to showcase their unique style and dress their newfound friend in a delightful array of outfits. From trendy motor-biker jackets to adorable scrubs, elegant dresses, cozy sweaters, and even playful pilot uniforms, there’s an outfit for every occasion and personal preference.

Watch as your child’s eyes light up with joy and pride as they meticulously select the perfect ensemble for their bear. The act of dressing their plush companion not only fosters creativity but also encourages storytelling and role-playing, providing endless hours of imaginative play and companionship.

CoCo Events understands the importance of personalization, which is why we offer a wide range of outfit options for our Create-a-Bear experience. This ensures that each child can truly express their individuality and create a one-of-a-kind bear that reflects their unique taste and style.

The Create-a-Bear experience is not only a delightful craft activity but also serves as a wonderful memento of the event. Participants can take their custom-designed bears home, where they become cherished companions, reminders of the special memories created during your event.

CoCo Events provides all the necessary materials and guidance to make the Create-a-Bear experience a seamless and enjoyable activity for everyone. Our attentive staff members will be there to assist and inspire young creators throughout the process, ensuring that each child leaves with a sense of accomplishment and a new cuddly friend.

Whether you’re organizing a birthday party, a community event, a school function, or any other gathering, the Create-a-Bear experience is a must-have addition. It promotes creativity, nurtures imagination, and creates lasting memories for children of all ages.

Bring the magic of personalized plush companions to your event with the Create-a-Bear experience from CoCo Events. Let imaginations run wild and hearts be filled with joy as children engage in this delightful DIY craft. Book now and watch as your event transforms into a hub of creativity and friendship, where adorable bears come to life, and cherished memories are made!




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