Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Freeze 321 is our latest and greatest Fun Food.



Have Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream At Your Next Event

Hire CoCo Events to provide Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at your next event. This is one of our latest and greatest Fun Foods.

How Does The Process Work?

Here’s how it works: Displayed in a new age bar with LED lighting, our attendants create ice cream using Liquid Nitrogen! Unlike traditional ice cream where it takes hours upon hours to freeze, our liquid nitrogen process freezes our ice cream batter instantly.  This process minimizes the formation of water molecules, which in turn creates a richer tasting ice cream. Not only does CoCo Events provide your guests with a delicious treat, it also is a visual crowd-pleaser.

Other Fun Food Rentals

You can’t just have dessert at your party, even though the kids make think you should.  We have a variety of other fun party rentals from appetizers, heavy hors d’œuvre, and more to choose for your event.  Some party favorites include Dragon Popcorn, the Doughnut Wall, and different Food Trucks.


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