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Rent Our Human Bowling Game For Your Next Event

Become a human bowling ball, with our Human Bowling Game Rental! Climb into our giant steel ball and let us roll you down the inflatable lane towards 5′ pins. Perfect for party entertainment and team building!



Human bowling using giant steel ball and 5 foot tall bowling pins.

Get ready to roll into excitement with our thrilling Human Bowling Game Rental! Take your event to the next level by becoming a human bowling ball, climbing into our giant steel ball, and experiencing the adrenaline rush as you roll down the inflatable lane towards the towering 5′ pins.

Our Human Bowling Game Rental is the perfect addition to elevate your party entertainment and team-building activities. Whether it’s a corporate event, a team outing, a birthday party, or a community gathering, this unique and exhilarating game guarantees a memorable experience for participants and spectators alike.

Imagine the thrill as you step into the oversized steel ball, ready to take on the challenge of knocking down the giant pins. The inflatable lane provides a safe and bouncy surface, ensuring a fun and exciting ride for the human bowling ball. Gather your friends, colleagues, or family members and engage in friendly competition as you aim for a strike or attempt creative trick shots.

CoCo Events is dedicated to delivering exceptional entertainment options that leave a lasting impression. Our Human Bowling Game Rental offers an immersive experience that fosters team bonding, laughter, and shared moments of triumph. It’s an opportunity to create unforgettable memories while promoting communication, cooperation, and a healthy sense of competition.

When you rent our Human Bowling Game, our professional team takes care of the setup, ensuring that all safety measures are in place. Our equipment is of the highest quality, providing a secure and enjoyable experience for all participants. We prioritize your satisfaction and safety, making your event a seamless and unforgettable one.

Don’t miss the chance to add excitement and a dash of adventure to your next event. Contact us today to rent our Human Bowling Game and explore the wide range of entertainment options we offer. CoCo Events is your go-to source for professional party planning, ensuring that your event stands out and creates lasting memories. Get ready to roll into an extraordinary experience with CoCo Events Human Bowling Game Rental!


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