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Mechanical Bull Rental in NYC

Mechanical Bull RentalRent a Mechanical Bull for your next event. Mechanical bull riding is much safer & more fun than riding the real thing.

Our mechanical bull has multiple speeds for different skill levels because everyone wants to have fun. We also include an attendant to operate the control panel to keep everyone safe while monitoring time so everyone gets a chance to enjoy. Our professional team of party planners will make sure the installation of the bull and inflatable around it are done on time and safely.  All bulls are state inspected and state approved.

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Mechanical Bull Rental for your next event or party.

Don’t fear though, nobody will get hurt as they fall off onto the safety of the soft inflatable ground. The more you practice mechanical bull riding, the better you get.  There are multiple speeds on this bull as well for people of all ages & skill levels so everyone can have fun.  This is always a party favorite for kids, adults, and employees for corporate events.

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Can You Rent A Mechanical Bull in NYC?

Yes you can rent a Mechanical Bull in NYC thru Coco Events. Our mechanical bull has multiple speeds for different skill levels because everyone wants to have fun. We also include an attendant to operate the control panel to keep everyone safe while monitoring time so everyone gets a chance to enjoy. Our professional team of party planners will make sure the installation of the bull and inflatable around it are done on time and safely.  All bulls are state inspected and state approved.

How much does it cost to rent a mechanical bull in NYC?

A mechanical bull rental in NYC cost between $800 and $1600. The mechanical bull rental fees include dropping it off before your event and picking up the mechanical bull after the event. The mechanical bull rental prices include a professional staff member to train people how to run the mechanical bull safely.

Are mechanical bulls safe to Rent?

Mechanical bull riding is much safer and more fun than riding the real thing. As an all-time favorite activity by both children and adults across different events, mechanical bulls are designed to ensure that the riders are 100% safe. A standard safety protocol must be strictly followed by all mechanical bull operations to prevent any untoward incidents from happening.

Just as how riding a roller coaster constitutes risks, mechanical bull riding also does. However, you know you are in good hands when you rent a mechanical bull from a reliable source such as CoCo Events. A highly trained operator combined with a well-equipped mechanical bull structure is a sure way to keep your riding experience fun and free from causes of injury.

In case you still feel apprehensive about indulging in the hype of the most requested mechanical bull riding, the following may convince you to take a shot and savor your first ride of a lifetime.

The Mechanical Bull Structure

A mechanical bull is equipped with a handle, and padded mostly at the portions of the horn and the head. The seat is cushioned and an inflatable is secured at the base of the equipment.

These are the basic gears that you have to look for in the structure of a mechanical bull. It helps the riders avoid hitting themselves hard on the ground or on the bull itself.

The handle must preferably come in the form of a rope or a leather strap. In cases of fall, it is easy to just let go unlike the metal handles where your wrist can be likely trapped or stuck.

The cushion allows you to sit comfortably while the padded horn and head protects you from breaking your nose or bruising your face in case you hit any of these parts as you are tossed.

The inflatable is an important element that protects you when you fall. You have to make sure that it is sufficiently filled with air and that you are not wearing any object that can snap the air out. Even loose clothes are not allowed during the ride because you may strangle a part of yourself on the equipment in case you fall.

Falling has always been part of the fun in riding a mechanical bull, and so is tossing. Every mechanical bull must be designed to toss riders on the side of the bull instead of overhead. An overhead throw will likely cause you to hit the horn and that is totally unsafe. This kind of design is a product of poor planning and must never be utilized.

Finally, the mechanical bull must include a range from slow to fast. This allows amateur riders to enjoy the pace that suits them while those who are already skilled can play with a faster speed. Controlling the speed of the mechanical according to a person’s level of riding expertise can prevent injuries and accidents from taking place.

The Mechanical Bull Operator

The mechanical bull operator is responsible for the overall operation of the mechanical bull – from ensuring that the equipment is properly set up and well-maintained to controlling the levels of the operation and strictly screening the riders allowed to use the equipment.

An experienced, skilled, and highly trained individual is a great advantage to promote safety in riding the mechanical bull. There must be at least two operators that should take charge in the duration of the operation. While it is one thing to look after the rider, it is another thing to prevent onlookers from disrupting the game.

The safety of the rider should always be the top priority of a mechanical bull operator. Any hint of a person being forced to ride should not be tolerated. All riders must also be fully instructed by the operator on how the course is done before they hop in.

The pace should always start slow and the operator can progress it depending on how they assess the rider’s skill. Once the rider falls, the bull operator must immediately stop the equipment. There must also be an automatic stop device at the body of the mechanical bull, and the machine must never be left unattended.

How much space do I need for a mechanical bull?

You need a flat space of 20 X 20 feet in diameter to accommodate the inflatable flooring of the mechanical bull. This span is already enough to secure the blower and the controller of the mechanical bull. A ceiling height of at least 12 inches for indoor events is also necessary for the mechanical bull to operate.

The mechanical bull must also be close to a power outlet within 100 feet. If not, a generator can be provided within the space. A secondary fence must be designed around the inflatable flooring of the mechanical bull to keep obstructions from the audience during the operation.

Who rents mechanical bulls in NYC?

Renting a mechanical bull is a big hit across all ages. Although there are mechanical bulls specifically designed for children, adults would always fancy getting a sight of a mechanical bull in grand parties and events.

Highschool and college students as well as young professionals would surely enjoy the excitement that a mechanical bull offers. From weddings and birthdays to school and corporate events, the grandeur of a mechanical bull will surely fill the room with extreme fun and entertainment.

It may take special skills for anyone to position their way on top of a mechanical bull at a fast speed without falling. But before you figure out if these special skills are inside you, you have to hop on and ride. You will never figure out how balance works in riding unless you try.

The mechanical bull originally is intended to train real-life bull riders. However, its popularity has been adapted for public amusement after it was used at John Travolta’s movie in 1980. As time moves forward, the mechanical bull has been continuously upgraded with safety features to sustain its public appeal.

What is a mechanical bull rental price in NYC?

You can rent a mechanical bull in NYC for a price ranging from $800 to $1600. This is already a considerable amount especially noting how its presence can add thrill and excitement to most people. If you contrast its price against other forms of ride, you will realize that the quality of fun it brings is worth for its price.

How heavy is a mechanical bull?

A mechanical bull weighs about 250 lbs only. This lightweight feature makes it easily accessible for transport to any venue. The mechanical bull is also portable and wheels are anchored at its base so it can be moved easily in a vicinity. Whether your events are situated indoors or outdoors, the mechanical bull can truly bounce its way toward your party or event.

It is important to determine the maximum weight capacity of the mechanical bull available in your event since this can vary among different machines. Although the weight of the bull matters for mobilisation, the rider’s weight is a more important factor to consider in order to sustain safety.

Is there a weight limit for riding a mechanical bull?

Yes. A mechanical bull can only accommodate a maximum weight that ranges from 300 to 350 lbs. While it may seem more entertaining to witness two ladies slow-riding the bull, or riding on as a couple or friends, this is an extremely dangerous act and must not be permitted.

The mechanical bull operator has a strong discretion to refuse certain people from riding the bull especially when some criteria are not met. Even those who are intoxicated by alcohol are strictly prohibited from riding the mechanical bull. When a liquor is served during an event, the mechanical bull operator must halt the operation.

A mechanical bull rider is also required to possess a minimum height of 4.5 feet. The mechanical bull operator ensures that a rider passes the standard height check. Other restrictions include not allowing pregnant women and those who had a history of injury or any physical fragility to ride the bull.


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