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The wheel consists of different baseball and football teams or branded. Guests try to pick which team the wheel will stop on to win a prize. The Wheel is popular for sports-themed parties, carnivals, and large events.  We can customize a wheel of chance to any theme, i.e., rock groups, amusement parks, vacation spots, and many more… Complete with prizes.



Introducing our Sports Theme Wheel rental, the exciting game of chance that adds a thrilling element to your sports-themed parties, carnivals, and large events. With our customizable wheel, you have the freedom to create a wheel of chance that suits any theme you desire, whether it’s rock groups, amusement parks, vacation spots, or any other exciting concept.

Our Sports Theme Wheel is a centerpiece attraction that captivates guests and keeps the excitement high. Complete with various baseball and football teams or branded options, players try to predict which team the wheel will stop on to win a prize. It’s a game that combines luck, anticipation, and sports enthusiasm to create an engaging experience for participants.

CoCo Events takes pride in offering customization options for our Sports Theme Wheel. With our expertise in design and branding, we can tailor the wheel to feature your preferred teams, logos, or specific themes. This personal touch adds a unique element to your event and enhances the overall ambiance, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved.

The Sports Theme Wheel is visually appealing and comes complete with prizes, adding an extra incentive for guests to participate. The anticipation builds as players anxiously watch the wheel spin, hoping for their chosen team to be the lucky winner. It’s a game that fosters excitement, friendly competition, and a sense of achievement.

This popular game is suitable for a wide range of events, including sports-themed parties, carnivals, fundraisers, and large-scale gatherings. It appeals to sports enthusiasts, casual players, and guests of all ages. The Sports Theme Wheel becomes a focal point that draws people in and creates a lively atmosphere filled with laughter and enjoyment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your sports-themed event with our Sports Theme Wheel rental. Contact us today and let our team of experts help you create a customized wheel of chance that will impress your guests and add extra fun to your occasion. CoCo Events is your go-to source for professional event planning and exceptional entertainment. Get ready to spin, predict, and win with CoCo Events Sports Theme Wheel rental!


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