VR Surfing

VR Surfing

Experience the ultimate thrill with our dual-player Surfing & Skiing Simulator. Customizable graphics, and immersive gameplay, fit 10ft x 10ft space. Ride the Wave in Virtual Reality with VR Wave is a Motion based simulator. Available with Surfboards, Snowboards, and Ski’s. Dual Player


Ultimate Dual-Player Virtual Surfing & Skiing Simulator

Get ready to experience the exhilaration of surfing, snowboarding, or skiing right from your event location with the CoCo Events Virtual Surfing Simulator. Our cutting-edge simulator relies on intuitive motion technology, offering users the thrill of navigating colossal waves, carving through fresh powder, or speeding down a ski slope – all within a 10ft x 10ft space.

Our Virtual Surfing Simulator isn’t just about surfing. It’s a multi-purpose virtual adventure, offering the choice of a surfboard, snowboard, or skis. This dual-player system allows two participants to challenge each other simultaneously, creating an engaging and competitive atmosphere.

Using their natural body weight, participants control their virtual board, mimicking the motions and balance of their real-life counterparts. This immersive experience is brought to life by a huge screen, which presents stunning, lifelike visuals, allowing users to feel like they’re truly carving up the surf or speeding down a mountain.

The simulator incorporates customizable gaming graphics, making the user experience a notch higher. Tailor the environment to your event, with the option of integrating custom graphics into the game, truly personalizing the virtual world for your participants.

The Virtual Surfing Simulator is more than just a game; it’s also a unique photo opportunity. Customize the photo op to capture the thrill and excitement, creating lasting memories for attendees.

Optional add-ons further enhance the experience. Personalize the simulator with a custom wrap to match your event theme, making it a cohesive part of your overall event design.

Please note that the technical requirements include a dedicated 20 amps outlet for electricity for the smooth operation of the simulator. For ease of load-in, double doors with no steps are required. Also, please know that the product style may vary based on availability.

Elevate your next event with the CoCo Events Virtual Surfing Simulator, offering an interactive and unforgettable virtual adventure.


Ride the Wave in Virtual Reality with VR Wave is a Motion based simulator. Available with Surfboards, Snowboards and Ski’s. Dual Player


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