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Corporate Picnics

Gather your employees and their family members for a full day of picnic fun at your annual corporate picnic! You don’t have an annual company picnic?  Or if you don’t know where to start, let us help plan and create an event that everyone will love.  In turn, they will love you and your company even more!

Smell the sweet aroma of smoked Barbecue Ribs or pulled pork, sip refreshing margaritas, mixed drinks and lemonade, dance to our DJ’s great music, hear the laughter of children playing Carnival Games, see kids jumping on inflatables, watch teens climbing the rock wall, compete in Teambuilding Games and Contests and gamble in the mini Picnic Casino! These are some of the experiences everyone enjoys, at your Company Picnic coordinated by CoCo Events!

When you partner with CoCo Events the planning and implementation become easy for you. Like most of our clients, you already have a plate full of responsibilities. Let our experienced team secure a convenient venue, coordinate registration, catering and concessions, entertainment for children, extreme fun for teens (we know that is hard to do at times) and interactive games for adults. We make all of the arrangements, handle the details, coordinate logistics and are on site to manage your event, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing day at your company picnic (many of you still won’t, but at least try)!

We even clean up! We do all of the work behind the scenes, so you are able to relax! Just give us a call to learn more and to arrange your complimentary consultation. If you already have some picnic plans in place- that’s great! We supplement and assist in other areas to make the event planning easy for you!

Why host a corporate or company picnic?

Company picnics are a wonderful way to show appreciation and gratitude to your employees for their hard work! Without those employees, you wouldn’t have a company, and you will increase overall productivity by having employees that love working for your company. Company Picnic’s boosts employee morale, increases loyalty, encourages teamwork and helps to recognize a job well done!

Employees develop new relationships, build camaraderie, make connections, encourage family relaxation and have fun together! A Company Picnic shows that you care about your employees and what you will get in return will be much more than your investment! You generate goodwill and create a positive atmosphere that transfers into the workplace!

Following are some of the detailed picnic services we provide. Please call us so we can to learn more about your specific goals and objectives. We look forward to providing you with a complimentary consultation and customized Picnic Proposal.