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Strolling Tables

These exciting Live Centerpieces create excitement at any event! Different characters and themes available



Hire Live Entertainment For Your Event with Strolling Tables Powered by Live Mannequins

These exciting Live Centerpieces of Strolling Tables create excitement at any event! Our team of professional event planners will design and create these interactive tables. Because we create them to go with the theme of your event you don’t have to settle. These tables feature live mannequins at the center of the tables as entertainment, as a result you can have different characters and themes available.

Perfect Entertainment for Formal Events

Having the strolling tables as entertainment for casual events is good for kids birthday parties, as the mannequins could be cartoon characters they love.  However, this entertainment center piece is perfect for formal and high class events like:

Examples of Strolling Tables

picture of cotton candy strolling tables at event provided by CoCo Events



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