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Giant Operation Game

This game is great for getting your team or party goers to laugh and have a great time. Giant version of the popular classic board game.  Try and take body parts out without sounding the alarm.  The board can be customized for your event or brand.


Introducing the Giant Operation Game, the larger-than-life version of the beloved classic board game that guarantees laughter and a fantastic time for your team or partygoers. Step into a fun and challenging world as you try to extract body parts without sounding the alarm!

Like the home Operation game you remember from childhood, but now magnified to an impressive 8 feet long, our Giant Operation Game takes the excitement to new heights. Gather your team members or party guests and watch as they carefully use giant tongs to extract the appropriate body parts from the patient board. Every move requires precision and a steady hand to avoid setting off the alarm and bringing laughter to the room.

The opportunity to customize the board for your event or brand sets our Giant Operation Game apart. Add your logo, event theme, or brand messaging to create a personalized and engaging experience. It becomes a captivating centerpiece that leaves a lasting impression on participants and spectators alike.

Our Surgery Game is perfect for a wide range of events, including team-building activities, children’s parties, and carnivals. It fosters teamwork, coordination, and a healthy dose of competition. As players strive to successfully complete the operation, the game creates an atmosphere filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories.

To add an extra element of excitement, we offer prizes for the winners of the Giant Operation Game. Whether it’s small trinkets or branded merchandise, these rewards add an extra incentive and boost the game’s overall enjoyment.

CoCo Events is committed to delivering exceptional entertainment options, and our Giant Operation Game is no exception. Our professional team will handle the setup and ensure all safety measures are in place, providing a worry-free experience for you and your guests. We prioritize your satisfaction, making your event a resounding success.

Don’t miss the chance to create a memorable experience at your next event. Contact us today to bring the thrill of the Giant Operation Game to your team-building event, children’s party, or carnival. CoCo Events is your go-to source for professional party planning and exceptional entertainment. Get ready to laugh, compete, and have an amazing time with the Giant Operation Game!


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