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Inflatable Hungry Hungry Humans

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Inflatable Hungry Hungry Humans

Hungry Hungry Humans is a life-size version of the nostalgic game Hungry Hungry Hippos.  This inflatable rental is perfect for any social event that people of all ages can enjoy.


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Hungry hungry hippo is one of those nostalgic games that many people love, and because of that our Inflatable Hungry Hungry Humans edition has been great for team building exercises.  This inflatable is also rented out for birthdays, picnics, and typically for other outdoor gatherings. However, with a large event space it can be set up indoors.

Four players at a time are attached to bungee cords. They must quickly run to the middle, grab as many balls as they can and bring them back to home base!

Look at these 4 people playing Hungry Hungry Human for a teambuilding activity

Our many team building programs are designed and customized for any size event group. The various activities will create goodwill, promoting teamwork and problem solving. Therefore making it great for your team or company. A event planner will work closely with your key people, designing a program with your objectives in mind.


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