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3 Reasons to Throw a Casino Party for a Milestone Birthday

//3 Reasons to Throw a Casino Party for a Milestone Birthday

3 Reasons to Throw a Casino Party for a Milestone Birthday

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3 Reasons to Throw a Casino Party for a Milestone Birthday

First off, most people would agree that milestones birthdays should be celebrated to the fullest. They are temporal landmarks in our lives, marking the passage of time and new beginnings. Whether you are celebrating your 21st, 40th or 70th birthday, or any other milestone age, consider these reasons why a casino party can help you mark the occasion with sophisticated fun.

1. The Casino Theme Adds Fun and Glamour to a Party

Who doesn’t think of partying and good times when they see a casino floor? Casinos go hand in hand with living it up. It’s an easy way to instantly set the mood for an extreme party to commemorate a milestone age.

Light up casino tables instantly bring the bright lights of big city casinos to your party room. Guests may have to remind themselves that they are at a party, rather than a real casino where they can gamble their money away. When you combine that with other fun accents and décor, the casino theme makes it easy for your party to have a polished appearance.

You may even choose to request that guests dress up for the theme. Whether you want them to wear vintage clothes or simply dress up, costumes can help set the scene for the casino party, too.

2. The Casino Theme Offers an Easy Way to Play Up Your Age

When you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, it’s only natural to want to accentuate your age in a fun way. The casino theme – with all the numbers, cards and money that represent the gambling atmosphere – offers endless opportunities for adding your age to props and decorations.

You can turn your door into a giant playing card, marking your age as the number on the card. Similarly, create your own giant dice that mark your age. Print fake dollar bills with your age and face.

As you are accentuating your own age, keep in mind that the nature of a casino party is fun for anyone, even your children can come to the celebration because a casino can provide fun for all ages. However, if you are expecting guests under the age of 18, keep all the planned events family-friendly.

3. The Casino Theme Makes the Photo Booth Pop

Photo booths are more common at birthday parties these days, but they are still one of the most fun and affordable options for party entertainment around. They’re a great way to capture memories of a milestone birthday for posterity. Having a casino theme at your milestone birthday party makes it easy to design your photo booth props in a fun way.

You can mark your new age on a large background for the image, or print your age and name on props for guests to hold up when posing for pictures in the photo booth. Choose playing cards with numbers to represent your age, then place them in the band of a casino top hat for guests to wear for photographs. These less-than-subtle touches will remind party guests of the party’s focus.

To encourage some extra creativity, you may also have a blank chalkboard designed like a casino game board. Have someone tell each guest to write a message to you, the birthday guest of honor, about your new milestone age. To avoid awkward moments where someone may not think of something clever to write, have a list of suggestions on hand.

Finally, go with the flow and customize your casino party to meet the needs and preferences of you and your guests. Whether you want to have only slot machines or go all-out with a full range of classic casino games for guests, your party should reflect the way you most want to celebrate your milestone birthday.

For help in creating a casino birthday party that’s full of pizazz, CoCo Events offers everything you need. In addition to customizable slot machines, we have craps tables, blackjack tables and roulette tables for rent. The realistic casino furniture and props can help your party feel like a real Las Vegas casino room where the excitement and laughs easily flow.

Give our friendly professionals at CoCo Events a call today, and get planning your birthday party.

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