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5 Tips to Plan the Ultimate Casino Themed Party

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5 Tips to Plan the Ultimate Casino Themed Party

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Plan The Ultimate Casino Themed Party

Casino Party Goers Enjoying Craps Table


Casino themed parties are a great way for adults who are above the age of eighteen to come together and celebrate any occasion. Host an intimate get-together for a poker night with friends or plan an extravagant casino event for the public. Whichever way you choose, casino parties are unique and fun, and will have your guests entertained the whole way through- you can bet on that!

Gaming With A Purpose

Celebrate a birthday, engagement, retirement, or the new year with a casino inspired twist! Casino themed events are also a great way to raise money for a non-profit organization. These types of events encourage your guests to gamble for a cause. If you are interested in raising a large amount of money for a charity and establishing an annual event for your organization, a poker tournament is an excellent option for doing so.

At Coco Events, we provide blackjack tables, craps tables, roulette tables and slot machines to give any celebration an authentic appeal. Unlike the casinos in Las Vegas, no real money is given or won as a result of gaming when your participating for a non-profit. However, personalized, fun money can be delivered to your guests to use to play. In return for winning, select prizes that can be provided to serve as an incentive to participating in the game. Depending on the number of guests you want to accommodate, you can involve the community, or on a smaller scale,  invite your office mates with the encouragement of giving back to a good cause while having a lot of fun at the same time.

Pick A Theme

Throw The Ultimate Casino Themed Party


To create a unique and entertaining experience, attach a theme to your event. Once you have decided on a theme, you can set your events tone through decor, and request your guests’ attire to match the vibe. Each of the themes below will inspire your guests to dress the part and will allow them to use their imagination to transport them to the real thing.

  • Las Vegas
  • Old Hollywood
  • 1920’s

If you need more inspiration to help you decide, check out movie scenes from 007 or Casino Royale.

Decor & Dress Code

Aside from the gaming tables and machines, freestanding backdrops, red carpets, bollards, and low lighting are must-haves for your casino event. Encourage your guests to dress for the occasion by providing ‘what to wear’ details on your invitation. Create a visual on your request to give your guests a point of reference as to what they should wear to your event.

Food & Drink

Casino party goers will be spending most of their time gaming, so a lavish sit-down dinner will not be necessary for this form of event. Instead, provide your guests with finger food catering or hire on waiters that can continuously circle back to your guests offering them small hors-d’oeuvres to fulfill their hunger. If you are hosting a small event, fill a few bowls with potato chips, wedges, dipping sauce, nuts, and other bite-size foods on a table so guests can help themselves. For a larger crowd, try caprese skewers, mini sliders or asparagus dip on a chip. When you’re hosting a lot of people, it is important to take allergies and other dietary restrictions into consideration. Set up multiple food stations that allow your guests to better customize their meals and that also cater to those that may have any food sensitivities. Remember to provide guests with napkins and wet wipes so that the table and cards stay clean.

Provide your guests with an assortment of traditional casino drinks such as cocktails, wine, spirits, and beer. Also, provide non-alcoholic beverages to cater to all of your guests. Personalize your drink offerings by creating a beverage menu that features cocktails that are inspired by or named after you. If you are hosting a smaller event, have two or three punch bowls filled with your signature cocktail/mocktail and a few ice buckets filled with cold brews.

To add a wow factor, have two burlesque dressed women or two butlers on either side of your events entrance to greet guests with a glass of champagne.

Event Promotion

A great way to get people in the door is by promoting your event via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media is a powerful tool that reaches a mass amount of people at one time. To excite your guests, put together a video compilation from your past events and place it on your social media channels to show viewers what they could experience. Showcasing and event recap will allow your guests to see first hand how successful your parties have been in the past. Beef up your social media pages with hashtags and custom filters, and if you want to splurge on advertising, invest in sponsored posts that can pop up on Instagram or Facebook feeds while users are scrolling

Instead of the traditional paper invitations that you have to send out manually, make digital invitations! They are a quick and easy way to spread the word. If you would like to invite the general public to your event, create one online using an online ticketing platform. Creating an online event will allow you to promote your affair, sell tickets and manage RSVPs.

If you intend to plan an event for the public, consider becoming certified in event marketing and learn the ins and out of social media, paid advertising, event discovery, email marketing and website conversion for free!

Work with one of our seasoned event planners today to make your next casino themed party one of a kind. Request a party planning quote here.

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