Build an Effective Team through Great Corporate Events

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Build an Effective Team through Great Corporate Events

Smart modern businesses use special events and parties not only to introduce new products and generate customer excitement, but also as a way to build effective teams, enhance the corporate image, promote employee loyalty and ensure a positive company culture. After all, a successful business is a “family affair,” and families should share good times!

It may not be easy, however, without the help of an experienced, innovative and imaginative party planner that can juggle all the details and make every event memorable.

Coco Events is that resource for firms and families in the New York area.

While many people think of party planners when weddings and family celebrations are on the calendar, corporate events are frequently handled by in-house staff, with minimal input from professional event planners. There is no substitute, however, for professional expertise. Turning special event management over to a specialized partner with extensive experience is frequently a cost-effective management tool that expands a company’s ability to build a brand, impress clients and attract new business and boost employee satisfaction.

Non-profit organizations reap benefits as well and are more apt to attain financial and service goals when a professional event manager assumes oversight of a charity fund-raiser. No matter how enthusiastic and well-meaning a group of volunteer organizers may be, proven performance, with an eye on timing and budget, is the key to success.

Coco Events Crafts Creative Solutions

With more than a quarter century of experience, our creative team is up to any challenge: We specialize in events that focus on team building, recognition parties and informal get-togethers that cater to unique corporate culture. We understand that people-pleasing events contribute to employee satisfaction and loyalty, and we recognize that those events help to build your bottom line.

CocoEvents can help plan the logistics, schedule entertainment, source special needs for event furniture and decorations, develop themes and even suggest appropriate venues. In the five-state area that encompasses New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we have established contacts and event partners that make planning and execution easy.

From the time you first outline your needs during an initial consultation, our staff will work with your firm’s event coordinators to assure that all details and logistics are compatible with your intent, budget and overall expectations. Our goal is to exceed expectations every time, and to ensure that events create a sensation, whether they are one-time extravaganzas or anticipated annual parties.

We have built our reputation on performance and service.

Branding and Fan-Building

Businesses today enjoy a wealth of opportunities to engage with customers, establish market presence and promote a brand. Despite the prevalence of technology and undisputed effectiveness of social media marketing, traditional people-to-people business-development methods still have a place.

Special events can focus those branding and loyalty efforts in uniquely effective ways. By offering a distinctive takeaway to attendees, firms have the opportunity to introduce new products, reward repeat customers, allow the public an experiential glimpse at your product or service, and initiate an “up close and personal” reaction.

Trade show booths and displays, road show demonstrations, interactive programs, pop-up shops and transportable, custom display tools are all within the purview of CocoEvents expertise.

We think outside the box when it comes time to create a “Wow” factor that will get the public talking about your firm. We work hand in hand with corporate marketing leaders and strive to aptly reinforce you in-house promotional efforts in ways that enhance your brand and reflect a corporate philosophy.

Coco Events Knows How to Party

When it comes to having fun, our event planners could write a book on the subject. But we prefer to demonstrate how to do it right. Casino parties — all for fun — are always popular, whether you plan a glittering Las Vegas-style revue complete with game tables and high-stakes prizes, or simply want to reward employees with the chance to “hit it big” with play money at the poker table or roulette wheel.

There’s something magical about taking a chance to win big bucks, even if the winner can’t take it to the bank! At CocoEvents, we bring the thrill directly to you and your guests, handling all the details from selecting the most popular games to providing the best equipment.

Begun in 1990, this specialty service is available for discerning customers in the New York area. The equipment is professional quality; the dealers are experienced and personable, and the odds of winning with a casino-themed party are stacked in your favor when you enlist the services of CocoEvents to handle the planning and organization from start to finish.

Whatever your needs, from a few friendly card tables reminiscent of an old-style saloon to a glittering hall filled with slot machines and LED-lighted casino games, you can call on us to transform any space into your vision of the high life!

Our staff leaves nothing to chance. Call on us for personalized chips, catering services, specialized decor that reflects your corporate personality, and leave all the details to our team. Our fee will include consulting, staffing, deliver and set up of the gaming tables you select, breakdown and pickup.

All you have to do is give us a workable budget, approve the plans and prepare for the fun. One final thought: Your Casino Party may just become the talk of the town, and we’ll even allow you to claim the credit!

Celebrating Is Not Just for Holidays

Almost everyone loves the holidays. And we don’t mean just the winter holidays, either! At CocoEvents, we feel that any reason to celebrate is a good one. Your special event may be centered around a traditional holiday, or it may mark a special date in corporate history, an anniversary perhaps, or even a retirement party.

At CocoEvents, we relish the chance to help you celebrate any occasion. We have boundless enthusiasm for the fun and fellowship — not to mention the prospects of Santa and elves, of gifts and goodies — that accompany Christmas events. But we are equally enamored of Hanukkah, other winter parties, New Years, Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day parties, The Fourth of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Along the way, we can work in themes that celebrate May Day or the Winter Solstice, Mexican Day of the Dead, Celtic music or Italian opera, even “Back to School” or graduation parties — for families and for corporate clients. After all, in many ways, a community of people who work together can be considered a family unit, right? And celebrating common goals in unique and enjoyable ways is what binds families together.

No matter what special events seem appropriate for your organization, whether a Fortune 500 company or a Mom and Pop retail store, our event management services can be tailored to your needs in exactly the same way we work with family groups to celebrate marriages, anniversaries and multi-generational reunions.

Call us sentimental or romantic, but also know that we are totally professional and we work very hard to gain your trust and make every celebration memorable.

Enhance Team-Building Efforts with Special Events

While employee advancement is often keyed to individual performance, and job performance is dependent on adequate training and preparation, there is no denying that business success is also the result of a team effort. CocoEvents is at the forefront of corporate team building events that help to forge trust, facilitate problem solving, create good will, and encourage cooperation at all levels within the corporate environment.

Having fun together, learning from one another, practicing physical and mental skills and overcoming challenges helps everyone to grow. That spirit helps companies to thrive and prosper.

And, CocoEvents can help you excel in the marketplace by offering ideas to build better teams. It’s really that simple, and a growing number of companies in the area can testify to the results.

Team building exercises have traditionally been used to help new recruits bond and “find their way,​” not only in the military or specialized work fields, but also in sales and service positions. Learning from others and helping others to learn is an effective component in the best schools, and it has also emerged as a basic tenet of good business.We are well aware that companies have a range of teambuilding goals. At CocoEvents, we believe that we offer some new arrows for your quiver. Call on us for new ideas — in addition to new ideas, we have the equipment that will help you meet your goals. Consider active outdoor skills courses, a murder-mystery event to challenge both thought-processes, analytical ability, and deductive reasoning skills, a distinctive scavenger hunt, or even “8-player ping pong” and innovative ways to provide new challenges.

We are available to help you plan team events that pit one team against another — complete with teeshirts, bandana or hats — or we will respond to your request for ribbons and trophies. Alternatively, we will suggest ways to use motivational tools and mentoring processes to build trust and establish team cohesiveness.

In addition to teambuilding and promotional events, we can help with other corporate event needs, including party entertainment, catering, training sessions, sporting and leisure events and the entire world of business and family fun.

Just call on us! Dream it, imagine it, and we will make it happen!