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Improve Corporate Event Attendance | CoCo Events

Improve Corporate Event Attendance Without Making It Mandatory


Businesses always want their gatherings to be a success. Many employers view a corporate event as a chance to reward employees, provide information and boost the reputation of the company, but too often the employees leave feeling their time could have been better spent. Here are some ways to avoid this problem and have people looking forward to the next event.

Schedule Events Sensibly

Year-end parties may sound like a great idea, but this is one of the busiest times of the year for most people. Choosing a date around what is a busy season at work or at home instantly turns the event into an obligation.

Instead, consider scheduling your event at a time when employees have less responsibility and more interest in attending an event.

Choose Venues Wisely

The local hotel meeting space or high school auditorium may provide enough space, but it will have very little else to offer. Choose a professional venue with the architecture, lighting, sound and other extras that will boost the event. An invitation to a visually appealing site with a reputation for amazing events is certain to be enticing.

Get Professional Assistance

Do not try to do all of the work alone. Use any services offered by the venue and get help from a professional corporate event planner. Their expertise ensures that all of the party details will be in place for the big day. With someone else helping with the details, the employer will have enough time to plan their speeches, hire speakers and make any other arrangements for the event.

Include Something Fun

People want to do more than listen to speakers, mingle and eat. Include live entertainment, dancing, fun games and exciting activities.

Avoid the temptation to force all employees to participate in every game. Make certain there is a diverse enough list of extras to enjoy so every attendee will become involved with something.

Avoid Some Activities

Many corporate events now include some type of “team-building” activity. Some are creative and fun and others are unappealing to nearly everyone. Make certain all employees are fit enough for physical challenges and never force anyone to take part in activities where they could be left feeling embarrassed or vulnerable.

Make Work Interesting

Hire knowledgeable speakers that also know how to keep the crowd listening. Any seminars or meetings held during the event should be short and to the point. Do not use this time to reveal extensive changes or to attempt to train employees in complex new systems. Keep all work-related information upbeat and enjoyable.

Keep Speeches Short

Thank the group, offer praise to those who have stood out among the crowd and then let the party begin. Split up the stage time if multiple people must address everyone. This will allow people to move around and talk in-between these moments and prevent them from missing what is being said because they were restless and bored.

Offer Great Giveaways

It may seem like great food, music and games are enough, but there should be more. In order to attend these events, many employees will purchase a new outfit, some will hire sitters and all will have travel expenses of some type. Make it worth their while to give up their free time by including door prizes, raffles and free gifts for all employees.

A corporate event should only take place if the company is ready to spend the time and effort to make it a success. Employees appreciate an employer that goes above and beyond what is expected to make their event unique. With the help of a professional event planning service like CoCo Events, it is easier than ever to plan an exciting corporate event the employees will enjoy.