Plan the Perfect Corporate Holiday Party With These Five Tips

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Plan the Perfect Corporate Holiday Party With These Five Tips

Throwing a holiday party for your staff allows them to see how much you appreciate all of the hard work and dedication they put forth for your business throughout the year. It is important to take the time to thoroughly plan the party ahead of time to ensure that everything goes smoothly throughout the night.

The following guide walks you through a few tips to use when planning your business holiday party to help make sure everyone has a good time.

Consider How Many People Will Be At the Party

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You first need to consider how many people will be coming to the party. Account for everyone who worked for you and the guest that each person will bring. It is best to limit the party to adults only so that parents can relax without worrying about watching over their children. You could even offer to compensate for child care while the parents are at the company party to encourage attendance.

Be sure to let your staff know in advance that they can bring a guest with them to the party. If alcohol is going to be served, their guest may need to be over 21 depending on the restrictions for the venue or county where the venue is located.

Consider the Food You Want to Be Served at the Party

Catered Food For Corporate Holiday Parties

When you have a company holiday party, it is customary to have food served to the guests. It is best to have a sit-down dinner for everyone to enjoy so that people can sit and talk with one another throughout the party. This can serve as a great way for people to meet who may not have had a chance to meet before.

Consider if you want the food to be plated or buffet style. Buffet style is often a great option for a large number of people because it allows people to pick and choose what they really want to eat and not feel stuck with whatever is presented to them in a plated meal.

Consider If You Want Alcohol at the Party

It is important to consider if you want alcohol served at the party. You need to decide if you want an open bar or a cash bar if you do want alcohol served. If you want to have an open bar, pass out tickets to each guest that allows them a certain number of free drinks.

This often helps to limit the number of drinks that people consume because they may not want to pay to purchase more tickets.

Consider If You Want a Band or DJ at the Party

If you want the holiday party to be a night to remember, consider hiring a DJ or band to perform. Everyone will be able to sing and dance throughout the night. This allows your staff to unwind and have fun together.

Consider the Decorations for the Party

When throwing a holiday party, it is important to have great decorations. Be sure to choose decorations that do not have a religious theme to them so that you do not need to worry about offending anyone. Choose bright colors and have unique centerpieces created for the tables so the party can look as festive as it possibly can.

When you are ready to plan the ultimate holiday party for your staff, contact CoCo Events. Their skilled team of planners will take care of every aspect of the party for you so that you do not have to take time away from your work creating the fabulous event. You simply need to provide them with details from the list provided above and they can take care of everything.