Tips and Tricks to Planning a Successful Team Building Event

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Tips and Tricks to Planning a Successful Team Building Event

Corporate Team Building Planning Tips & Tricks

The phrase team building has gained a bad reputation in some offices. Team building events have been viewed and perceived as just another unexciting “work thing”. The complete opposite happens when our event planners are hired to plan a team building event. We view it as an essential piece to establishing and maintaining a healthy work environment. It can also empower your employees.

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It is also a way to enforce your company’s core values, enhance company culture and most importantly, retain employees.


Once your peers or team are allotted the opportunity to connect outside of the office, you should see the level of employee engagement increase.


Here are some quick tips and tricks to planning a fun and engaging team building event for your employees and peers:


Define your purpose and your goal

Is the purpose of team building to increase productivity on a recent project? Have a new onboarding class and need a way to connect them with your more seasoned employees? Identifying your purpose and your goal upon requesting to plan this event is key so that your activities can be based around them.

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Picking a date

We find that it is best to give yourself, employees and any companies you outsource for this event around four to six weeks to plan. Pick a Thursday or a Friday for your team building event. If you decide to pick a Thursday, it may be a great idea to give your employees a half day on Friday if it doesn’t conflict with your company’s needs. This will serve as an additional perk for employee participation and engagement. Choosing a Friday is more standard and seems to work best for most employees as it is a nice transition into the weekend. To avoid a low turnout, make this a mandatory event for your team to attend.


Compile your guest list

It may be safe to say you’d like everyone in the office to be in attendance. A great way to keep track of your attendees would be to register your event online and have them sign up once the event has been created and shared. This is a great way to remain organized. Your attendees and event details will all be in one place for you and your employees to reference at any time.



When configuring a budget for your event, keep in mind that it is an investment you are making for your people rather than looking at it as a splurge. Always leave room for unexpected expenses in your budget. We have a variety of team building packages that accommodate diverse budgets. Once you’ve established your spending plan, speak with an event planner to determine what works best for your team and your budget.

Have CoCo Events plan a scavenger hunt for your next corporate team building activity

It is important to build activities around getting your employees to work together to accomplish a common goal. Here at Coco events we also emphasize the importance of making it fun. Our corporate team building coordinators develop a program that will meet the specific needs of your company. Whether it be bonding over cocktails or solving a murder mystery, take this time to loosen up and make some real connections.


Here are a few details that can easily be overlooked when planning:


  • Transportation: Call around to get quotes on charter buses for your company. Look out for any discounts you may be eligible for given your group size and/or any discounts affiliated with your company
  • Food: Prior to locking in a catering service, be sure to ask your team member about any food restrictions and allergies that may have so that you can communicate that information to your vendor.
  • Liability Waivers: if you decide to go a more outdoorsy route for your team building, you may want to speak with your legal team in regard to creating waivers for this day.

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Celebrating after Team Building Activity

Your event was a success and you’ve received great feedback. What do you do next? Keep the momentum going! Your team has bonded and now feels more immersed within the company’s culture. They are ready to tackle tasks and reach set company goals and feel more confident within their position. Continue to excite your team by hosting more in office gatherings to give shout-outs to individual employee successes or to announce any changes within the organization.

Continue to make more time for your employees to connect outside and inside of the office through holiday parties, in office food days and annual team building festivities.