Zeppole/Funnel Cake Cart

Authentic from Little Italy… Made fresh and delicious right before your eyes.




Edible Balloons

Try this tasty and delicious cool concept! Balloons made from sugar, filled with helium. AS much fun to make as they are to eat!



Liquid nitrogen ice cream


Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Freeze 321 is our latest and greatest Fun Food. Here’s how it works: Displayed in a new age bar with LED lighting, our attendants create ice cream using Liquid Nitrogen! Unlike traditional ice cream where it takes hours upon hours to freeze, our liquid nitrogen process freezes our ice cream batter instantly. This process minimizes the formation of water molecules, which in turn creates a richer tasting ice cream. Not only does Freeze 321 provide your guests with a delicious treat, it also is a visual crowd-pleaser.






Dunkin Donuts Shop Starbucks CoffeeBagel

Custom Food Stations

Perfect ending to any event. Dunkin Doughnuts, White castle, Subway or anything you can imagine, we can create.

Doughnut Wall

Decorative and Delicious!!

Selfie Drinks

Take your pic and layer it right onto your favorite cold drink!



Choc Bar

Make Your Own Chocolate Bar

Make your own chocolate bar right at the event!! Pour chocolate into the mold and add all of your favorite toppings. Rice Krispy’s, M&M’s, sprinkles and more. Complete with customized box. As much fun to make as it is to eat!!! A unique party entertainment idea and favor in one!








Popcorn Bar

Popcorn Bar

The aroma of hot Popcorn in many different flavors is irresistible. Now you will bring Delicious Pop Corn to your Event. Your Guest will have their choice of various flavors offered in bags.








doughnut - Copy

Mini Doughnut Maker

Nothing tastes better – and nothing is more fun to watch! This unique doughnut-making machine is completely automated spinning and dropping the Doughnut dough into the fryer. It then fries and flips the doughnut onto a conveyer belt! Where a coating of your choice, (typically Powdered Sugar) can coat this tasty treat. Never have your guests had this fresh a Doughnut!!!





News Stand

Our Authentic News Stand can be customized with Candy, Papers, Magazines and more. Perfect for graduation parties, corporate events and large themed gatherings.



Dancing Cotton Candyman

You won’t believe your eyes! The artists spins cotton candy up to 10 feet from his machine, while moonwalking! Check out the video:





Maui Wowi Smoothies

Add something fantastic and fun to your next party or event with Maui Wowi Smoothies! Served from our mobile tiki-hut kiosks, Maui Wowi is a gourmet, blended-to-order smoothie made from all-natural fruit purees, non-fat yogurt, banana and ice. Our Hawaiian-shirted servers and colorful Hawaiian drink umbrellas add a festive mood to your party – even black tie.

Our Fresh Fruit Smoothies can be served with or without alcohol. Flavors include: Strawberry, Mango Orange, Black Raspberry, Passion Papaya, Kiwi Lemon-Lime, Pina Colada, Cappuccino.

The Perfect Summer or Hawaii party addition!





dippin dots 2

Dippin Dots

Dippin Dot is a unique form of Ice Cream that is formed into tiny beads offered in 1/4 oz. Cups with choices of Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies ‘n Cream and other flavors.

We bring the Dippin Dots cart to your next corporate event, picnic or party for the perfect, unique summer snack.



Pancake Bot

Delicious Pancakes programmed with a unique design. Anything from photos to logos. Aunt Jemima 6.0 !






One Shot Soft Serve Ice Cream

Now you can have Soft serve ice cream or yogurt at your event!! Revolutionary dispensing system allows each person to pick from 7 premium flavors of ice cream or yogurt. Take the flavor cup out of the freezer, place it in the machine and it automatically dispenses the ice cream into cups or cones. Almost as much fun to watch as it is to eat!

Perfect for company picnics, or kids parties – a totally unique idea for your next event!






Chocolate Factory

Our chocolate chefs come to your event or party dressed in their baker aprons ready to serve your guests some of the best chocolate covered treats they’ve yet to eat. Some of our great chocolate-dipped party foods include: apples, pretzels, Oreos, marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, Rice Krispy Treats, coconut, sprinkles and much more. We provide boxes for those who want to bring it home. (All Kosher available)
New!! Now available with a Chocolate Fountain!!!





coffee truck

Coffee & Food Truck

Send your guests , or event attendees home with a little snack. Some favorites include coffee, juice, doughnuts or even a newspaper, you name it! Our silver chrome truck will be there at your service to provide the best in après-event munchies and drinks. Special orders available. All Kosher truck available.





Grilled Cheese Truck

 Grilled Cheese trucks!

 Gooey & Delicious




Sandy Candy

Create your own delicious treats in the sand art tradition. 19″ straws are filled with various flavors of sand sugar candy to make great designs that are delicious to eat. Flavors include: wild cherry, grape, watermelon, peach-mango and more…





taffy 2taffy-puller-santa-cruz-ca-1968

Taffy Twists

Straight from France and known as “guimuve” this exciting activity is as fun to watch as it is to eat. Our taffy stretching machine twirls and swirls various flavors and colors of delicious taffy then our experts pull, twist and cut the taffy into strands and wrap it onto lollipop sticks.

This fun entertainment is great for large corporate gatherings, parties and events—and as a bonus is a great take-home favor!







catering-01-600x300 catering-deserts


CoCo Enterprises offers full service catering for any event including: Holiday Parties, Corporate Events, Picnics, Openings and more!





Candy Cart

Candy Cart/Display

Just like in the movies, we come with a giant Lucite display filled with a lavish assortment of the most popular and favorite candies (all kosher if desired). Great for cocktail hour or the last hour of any event. Complete with personalized bags.






pizza truck

Pizza Truck

Fine Italian Pizza made Hot and piping on the PIZZABUS. It’s just like bringing your local Pizza restaurant to the party.

Includes: Pizza Spinners, Attendants, Plates Cups & Condiments





mr. softee

Mr. Softee Truck

Remember when you were a kid and you ran After the Ice Cream Truck that never stopped? Well now there are no worries your favorite soft serve Ice Cream Truck stopped the entire time at your party. Your Guest will enjoy Chocolate, Vanilla Choice of Toppings and More!!!







Waffle Truck

You might have seen them in NYC. Unique and different, serving up fresh Waffles and toppings.





candy sushi - Copy


Candy Sushi

Your guests can create their own sushi !!! Choose from 20 Different Styles of Candy Gummies Marshmallows Wraps and more. Choose the different ingredients and let your imagination run wild . Finished Candy Sushi is placed in Colorful Chinese Food Containers to be taken home and enjoyed after the party.






snow cone machine Snow Cones

Snow Cone Station

A great addition to any event, any time of year! Guests receive snocones and can go to the self serve station and pick from 14 different flavors!







Old Fashioned Egg Cream Cart

Everyone loves Egg Creams. Now you can bring these Authentic delicious drinks to your next event.






Blender bike 2


Blender Bike

Peddle away and make your favorite smoothie drink or shake while getting in shape and your favorite music plays! 






Gelato Bar

Straight from Italy comes to the best tasting Ice cream in the world. Known for its creamy and rich taste, Gelato is everyone’s favorite. Comes in trays and a glass case.






Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate

From the world-famous Serendipity straight to your party, it’s heaven!! Our Coco Enterprises concessions experts make Frozen Hot Chocolate with blenders then top with chocolate shavings and whipped cream. You have to taste it to believe it!






Cupcake Machine copy

Cupcake Vending Machine

Imagine a Giant Gumball Machine Dispensing mini cupcakes!







Smores Station

Not Just for campsites anymore! Bring this “chic” activity to your event.





Chips on a stick

Chip Stick

Join the newest craze! Addicting and delicious made right before your eyes at your event! Potato chips cut and fried from a whole potato.







Macaroon Bar

Straight from Paris to your event! Enjoy this tasty delicacy in many different flavors.







Cotton Candy Glow Bar

Add “Cool” to any event with light up bar and light up glow cotton candy sticks.






Waffle Sticks

Belgian Waffles made Fresh and delicious at your event. Add fruit toppings, chocolate, whip cream and more! The only limit is your imagination.





Fro Yo 2 Froyo

Frozen Yogurt

Bring the latest craze to your event, Frozen Yogurt! Four flavors to pick using the freshest ingredients complete with topping Bar.








Dragon Pop 3Dragon Pop 4

Dragon Popcorn

Dragon Popcorn is a sweet and COOL taste sensation that smokes cold air out of your mouth when you eat it! This custom Flavored popcorn takes a bath in coooold Liquid Nitrogen before it’s served.



Gourmet Pretzels

Delicious, served fresh and hot at your next Event. A wide variety of flavors.


cotton-candy-flowerCotton Candy Artist

Cotton Candy Artist

Beautiful designs made out of cotton candy. You won’t believe your eyes as the artist creates these unique product.

video:  Cotton Candy Artist


Ralphs Ices

Ralph’s Ices

Famous Gourmet ices available for your event


Spin art cookies Spin Art Machine

Spin Art Cookies

Here’s a new twist on a favorite and delicious treat. Guests can decorate their own cookies by adding different colored icing as the cookie spins in the machine
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