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Giant Mural

Guests coloring giant murals at corporate event.

A Giant Mural brings so many things to your event site.  It’s a Life-Size coloring book page, for the attendees to paint or color during your event to create a giant mural.  It brings a little childhood back to the adults at your event, and give the kids coloring on a scale they’ve never seen before!It’s a great way to interact with your attendees in a wholesome, warm-and-fuzzy way.

It’s a great way for event sponsors to “activate” their sponsorship. It’s cute, it’s colorful, it’s eye-catching, and it keeps people around! It’s a great way to amplify the event theme. We have hundreds of themes available, and if we don’t, we can create it for you.

Some people say “kids don’t color anymore.” We think they absolutely will. And so will everyone else at your event. So give it a try!