Luxury Touches That Put Your Wedding Over the Top

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Luxury Touches That Put Your Wedding Over the Top

Creating A Luxury Wedding Experience Everyone Will Remember

Luxury weddings and New York City go hand in hand. There’s just something about the bright lights of the city that lends itself to an extravagant and over the top affair fit for royalty. But so much goes into creating a luxury event beyond just finding a fancy venue. In fact, that’s only the beginning. It’s important to pay attention to all of the little incredible details that add up to make something unforgettable. Here at Coco Events, we’ve put on thousands of special events and offer everything you need to make your wedding day complete. Keep reading for the ultimate list of ideas on how to make the luxury wedding of your dreams happen.

 Luxury Weddings in New York City

Extravagant Florals

Nowadays, more and more wedding planners and florists are thinking of new and creative ways to incorporate flowers into a wedding. When creating an over the top ceremony, overflowing bouquets of stunning flowers in beautiful glass vases can make a spectacular visual effect. For a more unique floral display, use a flower wall as your ceremony backdrop or as an accent piece at your reception. The flower wall is a recent popular trend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break out and try something new. Floral arches down the aisle, hanging flowers from above, or even full floral trees are just a few more ideas for decorating a magical ceremony space. Use your imagination to come up with the vision you’ve always dreamed of!

Flower Arrangments For Weddings


Your bridal party flowers are an important component of your day as well. Make sure your bouquet pairs nicely with your dress and will complement your aesthetic in pictures. You’ll want your bridesmaids to have beautiful bouquets as well, but make sure yours stands out among the rest. Don’t forget about your groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres as well. To be sure you don’t forget anything when it comes to florals, reference this wedding flower checklist when you meet with your florist.

Cohesive Event Branding

Originating in the corporate event space, event branding is the idea of creating a unified identity for an event from start to finish. Applying this concept to a wedding gives your event a polished and professional result. Before you start planning, look into different themes that fit your personality and style and create a mood board to show to your wedding planner. You’ll want to find a wedding identity that you can build on as you continue to pick out every detail of your wedding.

Ice Bar for Wedding Branding

You can achieve a cohesive effect throughout your wedding branding by using a unified color palette and fonts in your save the dates and invitations, since those are the first peek into your wedding theme for your guests. Some couples will even create a wedding logo using their names or initials. To ensure your event feels connected, continue with these fonts and themes throughout your wedding signage and other paper goods such as menus and programs. Paying attention to detail and keeping the branding meticulous throughout the event will make your wedding stand out to guests as a unique experience!

 Custom Cocktails

In addition to the standard beer and wine you’ll likely serve at your wedding, a custom cocktail can be a fun way to add to your theme. For example, a fruity tiki drink is perfect for an outdoor summer wedding, while a spicy, warming beverage could be a great compliment to a winter wonderland themed event. Alternatively, you could just pick the bride and groom’s favorite spirits for a cute nod to their personalities or even create drinks that represent your pets for something more playful.  For guests who want a mixed drink but don’t exactly know what to order, your signature cocktail can be a great option that everyone can turn to throughout the night. To draw attention to your cocktail and encourage people to order it, create a custom sign showing off the drink and why you’ve chosen it. A signature drink is a fun and easy detail that can easily impress your guests.

Amazing Mixologist Bartender

Wedding planner

This one is all about making the bride feel luxurious, rather than the guests. The last thing a bride needs is to be stressing over every detail so much that the process stops being enjoyable. Instead of worrying about calling vendors and matching colors, invest in a wedding planner to take some of that weight off your shoulders. There are so many aspects that go into a wedding that it can be overwhelming and easy to forget about certain details until it’s too late. Let a wedding planner take control and remind you about everything so you don’t have to fret.

New York CIty Wedding Planner

As an added bonus, an experienced wedding planner will be able to help suggest ideas to make your wedding day a fantastic experience for your guests. You’ll be able to spend more time enjoying this amazing time in your life, which is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Hiring a wedding planner, along with many of these marvelous ideas, can be a significant cost, so if your budget is a concern a flexible personal loan can come in handy to make sure you’re able to have the help you need to pull off a spectacular wedding. The investment will be well worth it when you can kick back and dance the night away without a worry in the world!

Experienced DJ & Emcee

Anyone who’s seen a lackluster DJ at a wedding will tell you that hiring an experienced DJ is a must. Since a lot of people come to weddings purely for the fun night of dancing, a DJ can either make or break their time at yours. A DJ’s job is so much more than playing dance worthy tunes. They should make sure the event runs smoothly as a whole and keep everything on schedule. A great DJ or Emcee should do all this while keeping guests engaged and the atmosphere positive. Having a reliable DJ run your event gives it an elevated and professional feel that is ultimately priceless.

Wedding DJ & Emcee

Make sure to do your research on DJs before booking. Look up detailed reviews to see what other people who hired the DJ had to say. If possible, go to an event where they’re performing to see the kind of music they play, how they interact with people, and how much they talk between songs. You’ll want to get a good sense of how they perform so you know whether or not their style matches the vibe you want your wedding to have.

A Unique Entertainer

Hire Champagne Girl for NYC Wedding Entertainment

Aside from your amazing DJ, it can be fun to incorporate another unexpected performer, especially if your guests aren’t big dancers. It will be a nice way to break up the evening and making it a surprise for your guests will ensure they talk about your wedding for years to come. For weddings a caricature artist, cultural dancers, or a cigar roller are classy ways to include a different element to the event. Try to avoid entertainment or activities that are too sporty–guests aren’t going to want to participate in their best wedding attire! Any extra features you can add onto your day to make your guests feel special is sure to put your wedding over the top. You can check out our full list of entertainment options here to find the one that will best complement your wedding day.

 Example of Live Entertainment of with Strolling Tables and Live Mannequin as center piece

 Vintage Transportation

Nothing says luxury like pulling up to your venue in style in a gorgeous vintage car. This is your chance to really go all out and ride in the car of your dreams! Renting a luxury vehicle for your wedding day will definitely turn heads as you cruise to the venue, not to mention it makes a gorgeous prop for photographs. While many decide on using a standard limo or bus for transportation, choosing a vintage car will be the one detail that makes your entrance really stand out. And when you make your getaway at the end of the night, you’ll feel like stars in a Hollywood movie as you ride away in your car instead of hopping on a shared vehicle with the rest of your guests.

 Vintage Wedding Transportation NYC Weddings

Dramatic Lighting

Lighting can make a huge impact on the atmosphere of a venue. The lights can take the feel of the location from average to extraordinary, so it’s worth it to make this one of the items you splurge on. Mood lighting can make the venue feel elegant and the great news is there’s actually so much more lighting can do. Look into all of your options to see how you can incorporate lighting into your event. How about projecting a scene onto the dance floor or the ceiling of a tent? You could create a romantic starlit sky or give the illusion of thousands of gorgeous flowers, the possibilities are endless if you think creatively.

 Wedding Lighting

Fun Post-Dinner Treats

One big wedding trend that has grown in popularity over the past few years has been serving a fun treat after your main course. Finger food that’s easy to grab while celebrating, such as sliders, tacos, or pizza are all perfect options for a late night nosh. If you want your party to continue into the wee hours of the morning, this is the perfect way to provide your guests with some energy to keep celebrating.

Gelato Bar for Events


Your guests are going to need a midnight snack if they’ve been on the dance floor all night long, and everyone will really appreciate a little something extra to eat. This is also a fun way to incorporate your favorite food if it’s not formal enough to serve for your main entree at dinner! Have your caterer or event planner send the food out about halfway through the reception; a couple hours after you’ve finished eating dinner but while you’ve still got some time left in the night!

 High Tech Photo Booth

Incorporating a photo booth in a wedding is not a new concept, but choosing a booth with updated technology will be something your guests have never seen before. Snapchat booths, green screen booths or Boomerang booths are just a few of the options we offer for a fun and unique photo booth. These can be a great way to keep guests occupied during a cocktail hour, and for guests who like to take breaks from dancing, set one up near the DJ for some added fun. A photo booth is such a great added touch to your event that your guests will appreciate, and the pictures double as a favor that they’ll actually enjoy!


Photo Booth Man for Weddings

Personalized Games

Adding in some cute games are a great way to keep guests (especially younger ones) entertained along with learning something new about the couple. DJs can lead the couple through “the shoe game” where you are asked silly questions and raise the shoe of the partner as the answer. After a few drinks this can lead to some hilarious revelations! For a more low key game try placing small sheets at each table that encourage guests to go on a photo scavenger hunt and capture snapshots of special moments. Or if your venue has outdoor space, add in a game or cornhole or bocce ball at your cocktail hour to keep guests occupied while you and your bridal party take pictures. Little personalized games like this are perfect for keeping your guests that would prefer not to dance entertained during the reception.

Dance Heads Game for Wedding Entertainment

There are so many ways to make your wedding feel like a truly luxury event, but ultimately what truly makes your wedding feel special is attention to detail. Adding small touches that reflect your personality as a couple and elevate your guest’s experience will be noticed and appreciated by your guests. Additional options like alternative entertainment will create an experience that is overall more unique than what you typically encounter at a wedding. Your wedding will become an event that is talked about for years to come thanks to the thoughtfulness you’ve put into planning!