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Bar & Bat Mitzvah Planning

When you think of the significance of a bar or bat mitzvah, it’s easy to see why you would want to go all out when your child has one. The bar and bat mitzvah both symbolize a new chapter in a pre-teen’s life, and with that comes new challenges.

After the bar mitzvah at age 13, those young boys will have responsibility for themselves when it comes to Jewish traditions, ritual laws, and ethics. Additionally, they are empowered to fully take part in Jewish community life after the bar mitzvah. The same applies to girls turning 12 or 13 with the bat mitzvah.

Whether you have sons or daughters, it’s important to ask for their input when planning the bar or bat mitzvah celebration.  You want to honor their preferences to ensure you plan the best event possible for all your guest, but with them in mind. Keep these questions in mind as you get planning.

What Would Your Ideal Theme Be for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah Party Celebration?

The theme is a good place to start when you first talk with your child about their bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the party theme. It should celebrate what your child loves and perhaps even symbolize what they hope to achieve as an adult.

Common themes for bar and bat mitzvahs include sports, superheroes, television shows, movies, music, mysteries, and magic. Fairy tale or fantasy themes are also widely enjoyed. For example, a young girl may want to dress up as a princess and enjoy that part of her youth as she goes forward to womanhood.

No matter what theme they choose, you’ll likely want a DJ to keep the mood upbeat all night long, so consider songs and music all the guests will want to dance to.

Is There Any Special Message That You Want to Convey With Party Favors?

Try to get information from your child about what is the preferable message to send to guests in the form of party favors. For example, at Coco Events, we can create imprinted merchandise with a specific design of your child’s choice. Party favors like hats, shirts, and bags can be customized with your child’s artwork along with a special message.

Things can be simple, too. A single messages or basic information about the bat or bar mitzvah celebration can be added to the merchandise. Your child may simply want to commemorate the event on a practical party favor, such as a water bottle, that guests can use every day. Party favors can be as simple or complex as your child wants them to be.

Are There Any Special Guests You Want to Be Sure to Invite?

People from all parts of your child’s life are sure to be interested in celebrating this special occasion. Classmates and friends of all faiths may enjoy the celebration and learn a lot about the Jewish culture through attending the event.

By asking your child for his or her own guest list, you empower your soon-to-be teenager to take charge of the occasion in a fun way. Having a guest list that includes people your child genuinely enjoys spending time with can make the celebration more pleasant for everyone involved, and it can help you get to know your child’s friends at the party.

The longer a guest list gets, the more worried you may become about throwing a great bar or bat mitzvah, but you don’t have to plan and execute this huge event alone. After all, you play a huge part in your child’s life and you should be able to enjoy this event as well.

As you start to plan this special event with your child, get in touch with the high end specialty event planners at Coco Events to help ensure your child’s celebration will never be forgotten.