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Teambuilding at its Best!

//Teambuilding at its Best!

Teambuilding at its Best!

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Teambuilding For Zara Clothing Stores

Coco does Teambuilding day for Zara Clothing stores! We created a custom day long event with many fun activities.

Teambuilding Pyramid

Custom Designed Team Building Programs

Teambuilding, through a series of fun physical and mental challenges, is the perfect way to create goodwill, communication, problem solving and cooperation at the workplace. It is also a great way to empower your employees and encourage creativity.  It’s a fantastic icebreaker for new groups learning to work together as a team, with a common goal to succeed.

A program is designed to meet specific needs of each company. Let us design a team building program for your next event!

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All employees on site will be wearing face masks throughout the duration of the event.



All employees will be wearing gloves while operating any equipment/machinery.



Employees will wipe down all equipment/machinery after each use.



Hand sanitation stations will be available for guests to use before and after interacting with any product.



Floor tape will be used to ensure guests are kept at an appropriate distance while interacting with any product.



Sanitation spray will be used intermittently throughout the course of the event.



Disposable eye masks will be available for guests to use while wearing virtual reality goggles.